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  1. I messaged you back and you never responded to me. Hate when people do that also lol🤡🤡🤡🤬
  2. Proatv13

    Z06 Brake Conversion

    October 15, 2018 Hey guys I have a set of the front brackets with hardware that I'm not going to be using. I also have a set of silver grandsport/z06 caliper for the rear. They need to be rebuilt. You can rebuild them or you can trade them in as a core. I have a baer eradispeed front kit b.c brand new still in the box. 14in . 2 piece rotor also if anyone is intrested let me know.
  3. Proatv13

    Z06 Adapter Bracket Group Buy

    Hey guys I have a set of front brackets with hardware and a set of rear grand sport/z06 calipers. They are the silver ones. From what I can see they need to be rebuilt. I would never run a used performance caliper like one of these without rebuilding it myself anyways because you never know why that person took it off in the first place and that's your life depending on those things working so it's worth the cheap price of a rebuild kit. If you're interested shoot me a message with an offer. I do not have the rear brackets for sale. I am using those on my truck
  4. If the do fit that would be badass. You might be able to use the 14in rotors. It's just been so hot here in Arizona I haven't went out there to figure it out yet and the price compared to the ZO6 caliper and pads alone would be a significant difference. I bought a set of front pads for those Camaro brembos from RockAuto on clothes out for like $6 and it came with all of the hardware to
  5. If I wasnt so lazy I would go outside and pull one off to find out lol.
  6. All parts are up for sale again.
  7. Proatv13

    20180416 150719

    if you clean the seat back portion with scrubbing bubbles barhroom cleaner it will take that shine off the old leather. They say you can only do it once. I did it in my tahoe before I decided to get the upholstery redone. I recommend reading up on it before anyone just jumps right in there and starts spraying tho, that stuff is some mean shit but surprises the hell out of you. If you get it on any of the plastic parts it eats the paint
  8. Parts on hold for now until USPS figures out what they did with the parts I ordered. Sorry guys
  9. I posted a few photos. I'm having a hard time posting pictures everything is either bo big or not permitidpkĺ
  10. Well I went thru all that and I was able to post one out of 10 I uploaded. Why do they have it set up like this?
  11. Rudy, here are the only pictures I can get to download. Idk why the hell it keeps telling me the file Is to large. I have never had it tell me that before
  12. I'll post a few pictures soon as possible. Sorry for the delay guys. I have been busy trying to figure out what to do with the post office losing my brembo brakes last week and losing a window tint kit for my tahoe this week, also a nice bamboo cutting board and a whole mess of wiring connectors.4 different times they have lost my things. Do the last couple months I've only received one package at a time that I've ordered and that was my headlight bulbs
  13. What's up guys I have some parts that you need to do a front brake upgrade. First I have a 99-02 +2 front eradispeed kit. Still brand new in the box. Have had it for many years just never installed it. It comes with the 2 piece front drilled and slotted rotors and the brackets to relocate your stock calipers so you can run them still. I also have a set of the nice cnc machined brackets to run the z06 calipers on the nbs trucks. The hardware comes with the brackets. Next I have a nice set of Brembo 4 piston Front brake calipers with pads in them.the brembo caliper bolts up to the same spot as the z06 caliper on the conversion bracket. Up next is a set of z06 rear 4 piston brake calipers. I actually have a set that is silver. Nice calipers. I would change out the seals on them before using them just to be safe since I dont know anything about them. I bought them to do the z06 brake conversion but never did. I dont have the rear brackets sorry. So if you are interested in any of these parts just let me know and we will go from there. Baer eradispeed kit $600obo Brembo 4 Piston front calipers $300obo Zo6 silver rear 4 piston calipers $400 Z06 front conversion brackets $200obo