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  1. UNA_06SS

    2005 Silverado SS for sale

    In my opinion, is what you think the truck is worth to you. Recently my cousin sold his 2003 SS for $13k and it only had about 90K miles on it. His truck wasn't physically in the prime condition yours is. I would say put a price out there and see how it goes. If you're not in a rush to sell, see what happens. My cousin only took a month to sell his truck. Someone will buy your truck.. it is very nice. Shoot if I had extra cash I would make you an offer and give the truck to my wife since she loves mine and I don't really let her drive it... lol
  2. UNA_06SS


    OMG! I had to re-watch the video because I couldn't believe it! that sucks!
  3. UNA_06SS

    2005 Silverado SS for sale

    yes I agree! Good Luck!
  4. UNA_06SS

    Trade my Cowl for 06 RED Hood

    LOL I was going to ask the same question regarding those wheels.. They look really nice! and what size are they?
  5. UNA_06SS

    ‘06 Black 2wd SS 80k miles For Sale in So Cal

    Good Luck with the sale
  6. UNA_06SS

    How to install your Fog Light wiring to Factory Switch

    let us know how it comes out when you are done making the adjustments. Looking very nice though!
  7. UNA_06SS

    How to install your Fog Light wiring to Factory Switch

    Can't wait to make some time to do that to my truck. Very Cool! good Job!
  8. UNA_06SS

    5th ward Houston

    I agree! Coolest SSS!
  9. UNA_06SS

    5th ward Houston

    LOL I bet I have to change out the Throttle body on my truck soon. Not sure if it gets too dirty (even though I only sometimes drive it on the weekend) or the sensor is going bad. It has done "engine reduce power" twice on me and looked it up and it's the throttle body that's dirty. I clean it and works fine. I want to eliminate that by getting a new one. I think it's the sensor though because when I clean the throttle body, it's not that dirty on the inside. We shall see if that does the trick. I'm going to get the OEM by the end of this week and replace it on the weekend, since it's pretty simple to change : )
  10. UNA_06SS

    5th ward Houston

    okay good to know
  11. UNA_06SS

    5th ward Houston

    is that your truck? what happened to it?
  12. UNA_06SS

    looking for ss dash insert

    Good Luck locating it. Not sure what part of California you are located, but I did a search on Offerup by typing "Silverado ss" and there are 2 emblems selling in the Los Angeles area. Not sure if they are still available, but if you are close by you can check it out.