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  1. I agree! I would like to own one day a 454SS
  2. yes looks awesome!
  3. very nice looking truck. Good luck with the sale.
  4. Congrats on your purchase! wish I had the DEI certificate for my truck
  5. I'm here as well and check on the site weekly. Good source of knowledge.
  6. wow that sucks! it's the same in California!
  7. si es una Intimidator, si mira todos los RPO Codes bien, puede encontrar el code que dice "SSI".
  8. that's a good question.. I sent him a private message in Spanish explaining to him how to tell if its an Intimidator or SSS. Never heard back from him. good to know about running the RPO Codes
  9. Cool thanks I did not know that. So I just checked and verified my VIN along with glove box and it is the same lol. It does have the SSI code as well
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