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  1. Sorry haven't been on here in a while. Mine has a layer of Myabi, and ISM. I use overcoat on it after every wash.
  2. Its risky if you don't know what your doing.
  3. Then this is definitely the product for you. Dirt doesn't stick to it as much, and washing it is much easier now. They did all the plastic trim too, looks like brand new!
  4. Finally had the truck coated. All Kamikaze products.
  5. I'm running a single 3 inch to a race venom dumped at the rear axle. It is off a turbo and no cat, I love the way it sounds so far. Haven't noticed any drone yet.
  6. Turbo kit is installed, now I have to get it tuned
  7. His kit you don't have to cut anything, other than the small section of frame where the factory bump stop is. and thats just to makes some clearance where the coil sits. I used Viking shocks C-203-R's. I used a stud mount on the top, allows for a slightly longer shock.
  8. Yes, the shorter the travel the highr the spring rate.
  9. I have replacement bump stops, just haven't got around to installing them. I worked with atomic and used his spread sheet to get the correct springs/shocks.
  10. I measured 19.5 inches from the center of the wheel to the fender before and 18.5 after.
  11. I got the brackets and mounts from Atomic. The shocks and springs should be specific to you application and he has a installation guide that list what shocks and springs depending on ride height, vehicle weight... but the shocks I used were Viking c203-R double adjustable, with a stud mount. Springs were Hypercoil 2.5 diameter, 8 inch long, and 900 lbs.
  12. I just pulled the adjuster bolts out and took all the tension off. Came apart pretty easy really.
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