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  1. Just to make you guys feel more comfortable everything Diesel has said is true. I have his payment and I am building them now. You will need to pay diesel, not me. If he (Diesel) sends me a name and address I will ship direct to you; otherwise once they are finished they will all go to Diesel. I will not be selling these until Diesel has sold out, so do not ask. He is charging what I charge so you better jump on it before he decides to make a proffit. He stepped up when others would not, so thank him by getting your orders in. Bob (BSER)
  2. OK Guys here's the deal. I keep on getting requests for the SS roll pan but the mold I have now is shot. It will cost me over $1000 to get a new mold made. Getting that mold made is not a problem, the cost is a problem. I make about $100 on each roll pan I sell, after boxing, shipping, materials. I sold less than 10 roll pans all last year. The math tells me I have to have at least (10)ten orders just to break even. I will be happy to make them, but I will need those 10 orders to proceed. I think that is going to be difficult to achieve because it takes weeks/months and many many post just to get 3 or 4. I do not monitor this site often so if you think you can get to the 10 orders just email me. Wish I had a better option for you. Bob
  3. They shipped today. Except for the Canada guys - I need you to contact me the address you gave is not good and you did not include a phone number so I cannot call you. If you want a tracking number for your roll pan just call me at 316-858-1197 and I will give it to you.
  4. Just an update, the roll pans should be completed tomorrow 11/15/12. It took longer than I anticipated to get them completed. More bad ones than I was expecting also. Anyway hopefully I will finished and get them shipped out shortly.
  5. ******FAIR WARNING******* I now have 4 paid orders. This buy will close Wen. 31 OCT 1 PM central standard time. No orders will be accepted after that date, no exceptions. No whining next week or next month......there is no chance I will make any more until after the new year if at all. It took 8 months to get 4 orders this time want to bet how long it will be till I get 4 more. ******LAST CHANCE******* I will start building them next weekend, they will most likely ship the following Tues or Wen.
  6. You are right, but it is still 3 the Kansas city guy called and said it will be here as soon as he gets home form work. I expect he will pay because he has been calling me over and over LOL. If he does that will be 4 and the cut off will be Wen the 31st. I will be out of town on business Thursday and Friday and need to get supplies ordered so I can make them next weekend.
  7. I now have 3 payed orders...need 1 more to get started. Once I get the 4th order I will set a close out date. That is usually the following Friday morning. I know more than 3 have said they have placed an order but so far I have one payment from Kansas City and the two Canada guys. 7 pages to get 3 orders - kinda frustrating isn't it......now you know why I don't want to mess with this anymore.
  8. Yes, between 8 AM and 5 Pm central time, sorry So far I have ONE that has called and said the will pay with Paypal on Friday. So I actually have Zero payments so far, but expect that one to come through on Friday. This is not unusual, happens all most every time. A lot of guys say they want one and very few follow through. Which is what makes this process so frustrating for many; including me. I do not have a specific cut off, I think the guys that are serious imposed that deadline because they do not want to wait 6 months. I will not start until I have enough prepaid orders; it may be tomorrow and it might not. I will return payments if we do not have enough orders in a week or so, I do not want to be responsible for those funds longer than that.
  9. Ok guys, here's the deal. They are going to be $450 each except for one that is going to be $400 cause that is what I told him it would be and he started this up again. If you live in Canada, Alaska, or anywhere outside the lower 48 you will pay more; how much more I don't know that depends on shipping and duties, I don't mark it up but I do pass it on. I would like at least 4 orders, I know I will make a buck with that number. The reason the are going up is that 1 out of 5 is coming out of the mold bad and I can't bring myself to ship something that is not as close to 100% as I can make it. And no I am not going to spend another $2000 making a new mold when I only sell less than 10 a year. Yes I have tried to quit making them but it seems no matter how hard I try I still keep on getting guys all most begging me to make just 1 more for them, "I will be glad to pay double if you could make me one" is a recent exact quote. I get tired of lots of guys saying they want one then never coming through with payment, that's why I let someone else drum up the group buy. If I get enough cool. if not, I have not wasted a lot of time. If you can't come up with the funds right now I understand times are tough, but I can't do payments or wait for some phantom date in the future. I know there are 7 or 8 that say they want one, but from past experience if we get 4 payed orders that would be good. If you have done your research on the roll pans, (all the questions have been asked and answered multiple times on this site) and would like to purchase one I will need the following: 1. Call me!!! (316)858-1197 8 PM to 5 PM central time. If you do not speak to me you are not on the list. 2. I accept MC/Visa, or Paypal ([email protected]) 3. I have to have an address acceptable to FedEx, not a field somewhere in the mountains (yes it happened) 4. I also need a GOOD daytime phone number for FedEx because sometimes #3 happens. Note: I do not charge credit cards or access Paypal funds until I have enough orders to proceed, I have had to cancel group buys and return funds in the past because not enough orders came through. Thanks, Bob
  10. I have 1 .....that is ONE remaining. I have been pleased to make them, but it is time to let them go; I just get enough orders about once or twice a year now. when I started I made enough to make it worthwhile. The first month I made them I sold more than I did all last year.
  11. I have 1....that is ONE roll pan remaining. And yes I am at the Line-X downtown Wichita. I had a 2 tone SS until it was stolen and was never recovered.
  12. I had 7 orders and I built 3 extra before the mold gave out. There will be no more, I will not be making another mold. I promised to hold 1 until the 4th of June for a member that cannot have the funds until then. That leaves 2. First come first served; when they are gone they a gone for good. The price remains the same at $400. Call me at (316)858-1197, I accept mc/visa or paypal ([email protected])
  13. I had 7 orders and I built 3 extra before the mold gave out. There will be no more, I will not be making another mold. I promised to hold 1 until the 4th of June for a member that cannot have the funds until then. That leaves 2. First come first served; when they are gone they a gone for good. The price remains the same at $400. Call me at (316)858-1197, I accept mc/visa or paypal ([email protected])
  14. The roll pans are completed and boxed for shipment. They will go out today except for those who live in Canada an Hawaii. I will be contacting you for extra shipping charges once I get a quote from FedEx. Thanx, Bob
  15. I have 5 orders now and will be closing out this buy on Friday. It was 6 months ago that I made the last batch and the mold is getting old; when it is done i will not be making another. Go to the thread for sale/wanted for alll the info you need. YOU! will need to contact me, I don't have the time to track you guys down. (316)858-1197 I accept MC/visa or paypal. thanks, Bob
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