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  1. Awesome! so what exhaust will bolt up to the long tube headers?
  2. I have an 03 SSS and have been looking around at headers and exhaust, I don't want the droning that comes with most exhaust out there so i was looking into Corsa but I have yet to find a full system for my truck. what are the headers to get and exhaust? I was looking on Summit at the JBA Headers #1850S-3Js (shorty headers) and the dB Corsa #24279 cat-back exhaust, any good choices for the AWD SSS would be awesome!
  3. Thanks a lot! Yes its very clean inside and out and boy are they ever fun to drive!
  4. I would agree! I am an engineer and machinist and work from home so I'm lucky to put 2000 miles a year on anything I own and so the truck will be my DD lol I'm not one to let anything sit (wish I was) and your right the truck is a ton of fun to drive, my two boys ages 5 and 9 love the thing and are always begging for me to "open it up daddy" that will put a smile on anyone's face but maybe grandma lol. Now it is parked in my garage so it's not sitting out in the weather. I can't afford another car right now as we are adding onto our house and I'm paying off the wife's college (so much for th
  5. Thanks guys! She's in need of new tires due to a bad wheel bearing that seemed to have went unnoticed by the previous owner. So any thoughts on a good all season tire? I do like in Pa where the snow flys. Lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Hello everyone, New to this forum. I've had my SSS for a few months now and I'm deff loving the truck. Don't see many "sport trucks" around my area at all so it's nice there is a forum for us. Here are a few photos of my truck which is an 03 that only had 85,140 miles on it when I picked it up and has never had any upgrades or anything done to it other than taken care of.
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