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  1. Update on trying to obtain COA. I called the dealership of purchase, multiple dealerships and factor assembly plants. By decoding the vin I then contacted GM of Canada. I did research and read that the factory in Canada where the ISS was built was closed down. They gave me the number to the GM Heritage Center and still no information. I also contacted DEI and just like all the posts in the forums to no avail. The COA of the ISS came with the truck off the factory line and so far no record of the build number has been found through my research.
  2. I am located in Miami, Florida. I will have to call GM for the COA but I posted a picture of the decal of authenticity for "The Intimidator".
  3. *Updated with pictures.* 2006 Silverado Intimidator SS Dale Earnhardt Edition. Only updates to the vehicle was the exhaust (magna flow), lights (updating to HID - front/ rear) , and blacked out decals. - Meticulously maintained. - No trades. - Price: $15,000 - Mileage: 86,000 (mostly highway miles to work) -Scraped a curb and damaged the driver side rear wheel (small piece taken out). The other 3 are in good condition. I was looking for another rim (previous post). - Will update soon with more pictures/ upon request. - No longer in need of a large truck. I am retiring soon and just had grandson.
  4. Correct. Yes I do have the chrome wheels on my truck. I should have specified that. Thank you Richard. They have the outer chrome and inside cast iron. And EXGM I have been searching around for repair shops but the curb broke off a small piece of the outer rim.
  5. Are any rims still available?
  6. Hello. I currently own a 2006 Silverado Intimidator SS Dale Earnhardt Edition and I am in search of one chrome original rim as a replacement. I recently scraped a curb and damaged the driver side rear wheel. The other 3 are in good condition. Let me know if anyone has one lying around or possibly multiple. Please pass the word along. Thank you.
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