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  1. Crossed paths with another red SS last week. Saw the other driver looking, so I gave a nod.
  2. Welcome from Hawaii. That's a clean looking truck.
  3. Saw a black SS yesterday (here in Hawaii) with the 454 SS decal on the truck bed. Buddy, your 6.0 is a little short of being a 454.
  4. It's not the sort of thing you want to attempt with a bad knee, for sure. Here's an old picture of me sampling lava. I'm a licensed Geologist, so I know what I'm doing (the park rangers don't like when you say that).
  5. I think Chevy made a mistake by not producing the SS in Pearl or White.
  6. The last time I was at the volcano (night viewing at the crater), some tourists were flat out unimpressed. "Is that all it's going to do?" Buddy, you had better hope that's all it's going to do! Did you hike out to the ocean entry?
  7. Hope you had a good time dodging tropical storms! I saw a Pearl colored SS yesterday. It looked factory... I didn't think they made them in anything but black/red/blue/silver.
  8. Oahu, on the windward side of the island.
  9. Thanks for the heads up. It could be the sender... I've noticed that the gas gauge doesn't act up until it falls below full. I changed out the rear view mirror yesterday, since it would reset endlessly and blink at me while driving.
  10. I appreciate the dual blue tree air freshener mod. I don't appreciate the drunken hood decal application. I really wish they had produced the SS in white so that people wouldn't be tempted to do *this*.
  11. You can still see the relief of the "art" sunburned into the paint; same goes for the flames I buffed off on the sides. They spent money on flames, but couldn't spend money on a new pair of wiper blades? Priorities, people. When I picked up the truck from the repair shop last week, the lady behind the counter was like "nice truck... what's with the pink butterfly sticker on the grille?" That sticker was a PITA to remove. After pecking at it on and off unsuccessfully for a couple weeks, I finally soaked some acetone on a rag, held it to the emblem, and it lifted right off. Free at last.
  12. Thanks everyone... as they say, it's good from far, but far from good. It also had a freehand drawing of two dinosaur fossils sunbathing, with the phrase "Extinct and loving it" on the tailgate. It takes all kinds, I guess. I buffed that off first. This weekend I plan to tackle the intermediate steering shaft clunk and the glitchy rear view mirror. I also have a line on some stock Silverado rims to replace the "gorilla cookie" rims that are currently on the truck. Eventually I'll get to the stepper motors on the instrument cluster (gas gauge is acting the fool). I bought a kit off Amazon, watched a few youtube videos, so I'm feeling like it's do-able. I just don't have the steadiest solder hands. The waterspotting is pretty severe, so I'll probably take another run with the buffer and some medium cut cleaner this weekend, weather permitting.
  13. After wrecking my 01 Z-28, I decided to return to Silverado ownership. This time, I upgraded to a 2003 SS. I've had the truck for almost a month now, and I've been slowly working through the previous owner damage (butterfly stickers and pin striped flames). The biggest remaining eyesore are the rims... they're hideous. And my clear coat is peeling, thanks to the Hawaii sun. But so far, I've been impressed with how much of an upgrade it's been from my previous Silverado experiences.
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