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  1. His prices are crazy man, cant you buy a whole set of cladding for like $1200? Thats 6 pieces from this guy...
  2. I agree with everyone else, sounds like he wants the raptor. Not sure why he would downgrade from an sss to a turd, I mean raptor lmao.
  3. Yeah I'd really like to see this site as popular as it used to be, maybe if randy didn't get banned ?
  4. Yeah no doubt about that, just saying that compared to other forums this is much less user friendly when trying to post pics and stuff like that. Lots and lots of useful information on here for sure.
  5. The site is ancient, we need a new one
  6. Wishing I will win the lottery right about now lmao
  7. Yeah I was trying so hard not to laugh and of course he drives off and hits the gas so he can show off...it was priceless lmao.
  8. Lmao I was at Walmart a while back and someone had out ss emblems on an Avalanche hahaha
  9. So a few days ago I ran into the ss that I raced and lost to which idc about. Anyways I was talking to him and asking him about his truck and if it was stock and what not. He says its not stock so then I ask him if he has bolt ons and he was like "what's a bolt on". Then he proceeds to tell me he has full vette exhaust and is pushing 400hp and I was laughing my ass off Hahahaha. We have some very entitled kids up here in Alaska, can't wait till my build is done.
  10. Need to get you an ss again I hate seeing that pic next to your name Hahahaha. Kidding but really man get another ss pleaseeee.
  11. well I have a 4.3 v6 with low compression and need new cats so it's not as healthy as it should be haha
  12. Ah okay thanks for the replies guys. I knew I was going to lose but I didn't give a shit hahahahaha. Hope I see him at a light again one day when my truck has a 6.hoe and a 76mm turbo and he can hear my spool while I'm brake boosting ready for it to turn green!!! Just wish that day could be tomorrow haha.
  13. Hell yeah, looks nice man! One day I'll have a clone myself...if I come up with a spare $10k lol
  14. What mods do you have on your truck?
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