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  1. Now all sorted. Managed to pop it back in with the aid of a wooden broom handle. Hopefully it helps with the condensation, put 4 moisture absorbing bags in there too.
  2. Never thought about pulling it in Richard, thanks for the that idea. Its not damaged. Will get pics tomorrow as truck and my 57 Chevy are in another location to home.
  3. Hi Guys The passenger rear vent in the back cab panel on my crew cab is part way out. I think the previous owner ran a cable for a reverse camera out of it but ive now pulled the cable. How can i pop the vent back in ? Not much room between the cab & bed. Im pretty sure this isnt helping with a condensation issue im having.
  4. Few pics of my 04 Crew cab
  5. Thanks for the info Richard. Everything is moulded in on the Duraflex copy. The centre mesh is provided but thats it. I use a shipping guy who brings containers or parts from New Jersey to England. It was only way to get it here due to the size of the box. I guess a GM bumper and everything would have cost more than double but would have been less body shop hours ?
  6. Thanks for your replys. It was only the lower valance that needed to be removed. Its now fitted after a lot of work. My body guy had to cut / repair it in 7 places to get it to fit right. A real pain in the butt. I imagine anybody using tape to hold it on would be crazy. I didnt fit the front fogs as there was a big gap due to the air ducts being a different shape, so got some mesh to match the centre opening. Its too late now, but I asume that genuine SS bumpers are no longer produced ? Heres it all finished
  7. Thanks Richard. I had that diagram someplace but couldnt find it. Yeah thats the impression im getting with the duraflex bumper. It doesnt come with any brackets or anything. Lets hope my body guy can polish a turd ! Guess shoulda done more research before plunking down money. My chrome metal front bumper is scraped & dinged, so the cover seemed a solution and the SS appeal.
  8. Hi Guys Sorry I dont have a SS nor fitting a gennie SS front bumper, so hope somebody can help. I purchased a Duraflex SS style front bumper for my 04 Silverado. After spending a fortune shipping it to the UK, its now at the bodyshop for fitting. Does anybody have info on how to fit it / secure it ect ? Pretty sure I read the lower valance needs to be removed and also some guys have kept the front fog lamps in place ? My body guy has 40 years experience but never done one of these before. My trucks in the shop now, hence the urgency.
  9. Looks like the rear spoiler wont fit with a bed cover
  10. Thanks for the comments Gents There's a large amount of US vehicles over here, its great to be different. A buddy has an 04 Hemi Ram as his daily work truck (he's a sign-writer) My C/C is a weekend ride only and puts a huge smile on my face when driving it. Its definitely a keeper. My other Chevy (only for summer use) is this Louder & brighter than the Silverado but not used as much lol
  11. Yeah we have a few over here Jesse. Although many of them are long beds via the USAF bases here. I've only seen a couple of SS's here and Crew Cab short bed are pretty scarce too. Modded / lowered trucks even more so. We are pretty outnumbered by the Ford & Dodge guys lol Here's where I am with my 04. I got is last year as a stock 1 owner truck with 120'000 miles. A colour matched rear & SS style front bumper are due soon. And maybe the rear spoiler
  12. Thanks for the replys Gents. It will be a repo one. Its the cover question thats the main question. Importing 1 into England isnt cheap & I dont want to take a chance it it wont fit with my bed cover, Can anybody post up pics ?
  13. Hi Guys I kinda like the look of the Intimidator rear tailgate spoiler as an addition to my 04 Crew Cab. Will the spoiler work with an Extang Tuff Tonno cover fitted ? The standard tailgate protector is damaged, would an ISS Spoiler mount in the same screw holes ?
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