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  1. I bit the bullet and did the same last month, picked up a 1 owner garage kept 04' with 29k miles. Mostly stock other than intake, exhaust and bedcover and paid 21k for it. Didn't have a single scratch or blemish on it.

    haha what color is she? Congrats man! I really wanted the truck but I felt I would've been torn between driving and enjoying it racking up miles, or making her a garage queen and very rarely driving, feel I wouldn't have been abke to truly enjoy her, but again congrats on yours!

  2. Hi guys how's it going. I picked up my 2006 ISS a couple of months ago and notice the Temp Gauge goes up to about half way up when warm. Now, when it reaches the point to cool it goes a little bit over half way and you can hear the fans on and it takes it a little while to cool down. It doesn't over heat, just wondering if that is normal? Thanks for your help.

    I have a 13 ccsb silverado and in the summertime my coolant temp always looks like that. Just make sure it never goes further than that, and check out the coolant, If its got some miles on it, you may want to flush it so you know its a proper mix not all water.

  3. Haha! Yes that's the one. He doesn't speak English, maybe he didn't realize what he was saying. I ran car fax against it since I got the VIN



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    Yeah I live in South Texas area and people bring vehicles up from the valley with salvage titles and say they were minor fender benders, but you would think it's a newer vehicle it should make the title rebuilt not salvaged.

  4. First $18.5, then $21.5, then $25k now $15k, tomorrow $19k then $20k??

    Haahaha , people who have mid to low mileage seem to be asking at least 18k for their trucks. I could understand an ISS, but base SS no...especially just cl posters/private sellers, these people think their allowed to use dealer pricing on their vehicles...

  5. I understand that, but with two different "for sale" thread, and multiple people asking the price, it's time to spill the beans...unless of course, you know it's way over priced and don't want to get called out lol.

    There was a super clean 05 I believe, awd bone stock SSS with only 7k miles for sale recently asking $27k. If I was in the market, I'd have been checking that one out!

    Are you talking about that silver birch one that was posted for a while? To the guy posting about his red truck, theres a red in in California just under 12k miles and they're asking 30k. Dropped with no front tint, but odometer could've been reset. :/

  6. Yeah someone threw some badges on a step side. GM did make what I call a heavy half for a while. They were made from 01-03 and had 8 lug wheels. It only came in a crew cab and had 1500hd badges. They came with a 6.0 and were a cross not quite 2500 but not quite a 15. Lol


    That truck does have what's called special paint option. Dealers could order special colors not normally offered (actually they still can). This looks like one if you look at the SPID label in glove box it will have a option code for special paint. How it works is when dealer places an order for special paint GM has to have at least seven buildable orders then they get produced.

    I thought they did 1500HD up to 07 classic? I also don't like when people post their 4.3 as an SS, or Vortec Max truck as an SS, it probably has more rarity being a Vortec Max than an SS sadly.

  7. That in the pik is seems to be a 300 srt not a magnum lol.... and I know I like his silver SS too but I like the intimidator better 👍

    It is right? I was going to say 300, but after him saying magnum, well we know what happens when you "assume." Yeah, he did really good work restoring her, looks fantastic! Wonder if he has plans on bringing thw stance down some day? ? :]
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