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  1. I can't see nor reach this thing to save my life is it on intake or block? Any pics ?
  2. 03 awd ss Where is my oil pressure sensor located.. my guage is bouncing 0 to 80 and dinging pretty sure just the sensor
  3. Whats the easiest way to get a tune for my mostly stock 2003 ss ? Originally wanted zippy but hes impossible to get ahold of.
  4. Anyone know how to get ahold of zippy ? I wanna tune and got questions for him
  5. Ssfan60

    Po455 help

    03 ss silverado mostly stock has a po455 code i cant get rid of it.. Only other problem i noticed ( maybe unrelated) is it barfs up fuel on fillup..anyone know a fix
  6. Anyone install speed engineering long tubes on a 03 awd ss.. Pics comments ?
  7. I feel it more in my feet on floor board not steering wheel
  8. 2003 silverado ss awd..my truck shakes real bad at 80mph comeing from front end what could it be..new parts are all within a year old.. 4 belltech shocks - both front hubs - 4 used tires - 4 wheel balance - front end alignment..ball joint and tierods look fine..im lost
  9. Ssfan60

    Lift a ss ?

    So im ready to sell my ss snd get back into a jacked up 4x4 but its impossible to find a low mile red cat eye..anyone ever just lift there ss ??
  10. Ive driven trucks all my life 5 different ones.. None this bouncy
  11. New shocks in with new rear bumpstops and broken in but still bouncy af
  12. Ssfan60

    Im concerned

    03 awd ss mostly stock...rolling about 40 45 down the road my friend pulls up next to me in a 2017 bone stock ford edge 4 cyl. He honks 3 times and blows my ass away...im super embarrassed is there something wrong with my truck ???
  13. Put s new transfer case output to driveshaft seal in due to leak about a month ago..now it appears warped...is that normal ?
  14. For the abs ? Cant find a lifetine warranty one
  15. Cleaned left front..gona go test now and c what my abs computer says.what's torque specs on caliper pins and caliper bracket ?
  16. Ok is it possible 2 have both hubs go bad at same time ?
  17. Just accelerating on to interstate abd abs light came on...some times turns off fir short time.. My computer says..4 things...1 is co222 rf wheel speed signal missing and 2 is co221 wheel speed sensor ckt open and 3 is co223 rf wheel speed sensor signal erratic and 4 is lf wheel speed signal missing..wtf happened
  18. Well my post just got highjacked
  19. All stock..missing rear bump stop...appears to be rideing on the fronts
  20. Stock ss mussing a bumpstop...what u guys useing???
  21. I have a 03 silverado ss do i have a cabin air filter ? Can seem 2 find a part number
  22. Yea but i was reading and people were saying u have to do passenger side also between cover and TB ?
  23. I have a 03 ss pretty much stock but noticed some oil loss...was thinking of installing a catch can between pvc abd intake on drivers side..am i wasting my time ir overlooking something?
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