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  1. Hey guys just looking for some info on purchasing a Magnusson mp112.looking as to what all I should inspect, and any issues I should know about before purchasing. Also will it fit my truck it is a 05 ss and I believe that unit is for the 99 to 03 models. Thank you in advance for the help.
  2. @ Normal I will definitely come to you if I decide to drop the truck @evildisco I was looking at the thread u had going on those. Did you end up doing any other steering components or just the tie rods?
  3. I am still undecided on if I'll be dropping it, It seems to me like it already sits level. Also, I do go out to the desert quite a bit with it.
  4. Hows it going guys I am needing some advice on replacing some worn out suspension components on my 05 SS. I am also in the middle of getting a new wheel/ tire set up currently, the truck sits on 20" tuff wheels with 275/65/20 Nexen AT tires.Looking at replacing all steering components with Moog parts, just wondering if these are good or if any recommendations on better brands. I will also be replacing all the bushings with energy bushings ( i figure I might as well while everything is torn apart).For the wheels, I am looking at either the KMC Slides or some LTZ replicas in a 22". As for the tires, I am between the Nitto 420's or the NT421Q, in a 285/45/22. I am wanting some opinions from people who have ran these tires before. I live in colorado so I am needing a good all season tire, something with good grip for cornering and occasional drag strip during the summer. Anyways sorry for the long paragraph and thank you in advance, and i have tried doing a lot of research but just can't seem to make up my mind.
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