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  1. Those are manual folding. the pair I showed you. Do everything EXCEPT auto dimming. You can actually find them for less than what I said. Have found them around $330. Keep looking. Good Luck
  2. Best bet is either new at the dealer or aftermarket like these. Kool Vue Part No.: SET-CV45ER-S about $400
  3. Here you go. They are brand new. I only took them out of there boxes to be able to store in a smaller container indoors. Let me know
  4. Pioneer AVH-W4400NEX amazing unit does practically everything bluetooth, dvd, apple carplay , android auto etc $330 shipped You still need a installation kit and harness for the SS
  5. Brand New Polk Audio MOMO / not in the BOX I used to be heavy into car audio purchased these new and unfortunately never got around to installing them. Polk Audio Momo MMC650 6.5 Front Polk Audio Momo MMC460 4X6 Rear Amazing speakers if you are planning on upgrading the sound system with an amp. $170 shipped
  6. 2 sold. Thanks and good luck 1 left
  7. Sold Thank you and good luck
  8. Intimidator SS headrests extra set I had. Clean, no issues. $425 shipped
  9. No issues just extras I had. 3 Clean SS headrests $200 for 2 $120 shipped for 1
  10. New Tru-Cool Max Transmission Cooler OC-4739 and trans cool brackets and fittings made by eadperformance.com $170 shipped.
  11. New OEM Front door switch bezel driver and passenger Both for $50 shipped
  12. New ACDelco Digital AC Heater Control W/ Rear Defrost Brand new $180 shipped
  13. Brand new in the box. $70 shipped
  14. Stainless tip is brand new includes clamp kit from Corsa. $120 shipped or $100 local pickup
  15. Nothing good to report. Insurance paid her out. I feel a I got a fair settlement. I wish I could say I am going to replace her with another one. But I will most likely jump over to another SS just not a truck. This situation left me sour when it comes to trucks especially in H town. Maybe in the future when I retire and move. I will be putting up a few parts I had collected for sale soon.
  16. My beautiful 06 Intimidator SS was stolen today. Worst part I know exactly where it's at ( due to a Dronemobile GPS alarm) but the police say they can not go onto the property unless they or I can physically see it. It was all stock with factory model correct rims. This feeling sucks.
  17. Had to get a new battery. Luckily the battery I changed out had a 3 year free replacement warranty. Only got 2yrs and 3 months out of it. This damn Texas heat probably killed it. My replacement battery is a Duracell AGM 78DTAGM from Sam's Club.
  18. I agree with everything someotherguy has stated. Good Advice. You should just inspect the vehicle like you would any used car. Possible go with someone else who knows about cars to get an unbiased opinion.
  19. That's a great price... Keep trying to upload the pics. Good luck
  20. Need better pictures of the truck and interior. More information on the truck as well. How many owners, history on the truck..etc. If that truck was in Texas it would not last at all for that price. Good luck
  21. I hope your doing much better. The truck can always be fixed up.
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