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  1. Distracted

    They got her... Stolen

    My beautiful 06 Intimidator SS was stolen today. Worst part I know exactly where it's at ( due to a Dronemobile GPS alarm) but the police say they can not go onto the property unless they or I can physically see it. It was all stock with factory model correct rims. This feeling sucks.
  2. Distracted

    They got her... Stolen

    Nothing good to report. Insurance paid her out. I feel a I got a fair settlement. I wish I could say I am going to replace her with another one. But I will most likely jump over to another SS just not a truck. This situation left me sour when it comes to trucks especially in H town. Maybe in the future when I retire and move. I will be putting up a few parts I had collected for sale soon.
  3. Distracted

    What did you do to your SS today?

    Had to get a new battery. Luckily the battery I changed out had a 3 year free replacement warranty. Only got 2yrs and 3 months out of it. This damn Texas heat probably killed it. My replacement battery is a Duracell AGM 78DTAGM from Sam's Club.
  4. Distracted

    Lurker Hinckley Oh

    I agree with everything someotherguy has stated. Good Advice. You should just inspect the vehicle like you would any used car. Possible go with someone else who knows about cars to get an unbiased opinion.
  5. Distracted

    2003 SS Silverado

    That's a great price... Keep trying to upload the pics. Good luck
  6. Distracted

    2004 Silverado SS

    Need better pictures of the truck and interior. More information on the truck as well. How many owners, history on the truck..etc. If that truck was in Texas it would not last at all for that price. Good luck
  7. Distracted

    Not really a build but finishing up a project

    I hope your doing much better. The truck can always be fixed up.
  8. Distracted

    Name of these wheels?

    I'd say there 22's
  9. Distracted

    Android Headunit

    That's the same adapter I used to install my Pioneer Double Din.
  10. Distracted

    Is this a good deal?

    I say the truck was in an accident by the last owner. Front bumper looks tweaked and the front airbag might have activated. Stocker wheels where replacements for rims the truck had before it was traded in. I can guarantee you, if that truck was taken in as a trade. They have no more than $2500 into it. It is an okay price. But I would not offer more than 7.5k honestly
  11. Distracted

    SS headrests

    Offering two Silverado SS headrests. Overall very good condition. Only issue on one of the headrest is a small hole near the top in the rear. The other headrest is fine. $230 shipped
  12. Distracted

    SS headrests

    Sold.... Thank You
  13. Distracted

    SOLD! American racing headers UPDATE!

    They come in 1 3/4 and 1 7/8 . Why are you getting rid of them?
  14. Distracted

    SS headrests

    Price Drop.... $170 Shipped
  15. Distracted

    SOLD! American racing headers UPDATE!

    Got any true pics of them? Which setup and size of tubing?
  16. Distracted

    SS headrests

    Still available... Price Drop $200 shipped
  17. Distracted

    Rear sway bar

    ​ I am down for a rear set. truck already has a factory front and other manufactures make a front one that works, if someone wanted to change it out. It's the rear one that is difficult to make work with girdles and certain exhaust setups.
  18. Distracted

    Rear sway bar

    That's what I'm talking about. I am definitely in if they can produce a set. The rear bar is the same as the Tahoe/Suburban one, so it shouldn't be difficult to piece together a rear set. It is just if Hotchkis wants too.
  19. Distracted

    6654 shock extenders

    You know its funny. When I got my lowering kit installed. I couldn't figure out the DJM Shock extender.... Should have gotten the Belltech one instead. Seems to ride fine without it.
  20. Distracted

    Help with sale price

    I agree...
  21. Distracted

    SS headrests

    TTT Price Drop $210 shipped
  22. Distracted

    Antenna Delete

    Who ​is this guy?
  23. I will be getting my ISS lowered on Tuesday. Using the Norcal SS DJM lowering kit plus DJM upper A-arms. Would like to see both drops on stock rims....DJM 2-3/3-4. I am worried that 3-4 may be too low or that a 2/3 may not be enough. I also purchased a set of CK160 GM Wheels and a set of 285/45R22. I looked through our site, but have been having a tough time finding them...
  24. Distracted

    SS headrests

    Price Drop $220
  25. Distracted

    SS headrests