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  1. Distracted

    SS headrests

    Sold.... Thank You
  2. Distracted

    American racing headers

    They come in 1 3/4 and 1 7/8 . Why are you getting rid of them?
  3. Distracted

    SS headrests

    Price Drop.... $170 Shipped
  4. Distracted

    American racing headers

    Got any true pics of them? Which setup and size of tubing?
  5. Distracted

    SS headrests

    Still available... Price Drop $200 shipped
  6. Distracted

    Rear sway bar

    ​ I am down for a rear set. truck already has a factory front and other manufactures make a front one that works, if someone wanted to change it out. It's the rear one that is difficult to make work with girdles and certain exhaust setups.
  7. Distracted

    Rear sway bar

    That's what I'm talking about. I am definitely in if they can produce a set. The rear bar is the same as the Tahoe/Suburban one, so it shouldn't be difficult to piece together a rear set. It is just if Hotchkis wants too.
  8. Distracted

    6654 shock extenders

    You know its funny. When I got my lowering kit installed. I couldn't figure out the DJM Shock extender.... Should have gotten the Belltech one instead. Seems to ride fine without it.
  9. Distracted

    Help with sale price

    I agree...
  10. Distracted

    SS headrests

    TTT Price Drop $210 shipped
  11. Distracted

    Antenna Delete

    Who ​is this guy?
  12. Distracted

    SS headrests

    Price Drop $220
  13. Distracted

    SS headrests

  14. Distracted

    Lowering my ISS soon...need pics

    Best thing is that they are one of the top shops in my city. They have noooo idea of how to run a shop. Its crazy.
  15. Distracted

    Lowering my ISS soon...need pics

    It was Tonys (NorcalSS) DJM kit with Belltech shocks and DJM upper control arms. Was shooting for a 2/3 and see what it looked like. To start off they didn't measure the truck before they started to have baseline measurements. They didn't mark the torsion bar adjust bolt,before they removed the torsion bar. So when the truck was dropped they just put the bolt back to whatever they believe it was. They didn't use all the parts included in the kit ie washers on the upper ball joint, said stuff wasn't needed. Many many bolts and nuts either way to tight or not tight enough. Used impact wrench where they shouldn't have. Didn't torque down anything. Control arm bolts super tight. Was told that they couldn't align the truck properly due to the DJM upper control arms. Who knows if that's even the problem