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  1. These wheels look amazing on the truck. I have made deals before with the OP. He is a good guy and trustworthy. Good Luck
  2. No. Don"t like to talk about it. I know for a fact a tow truck was involved.
  3. Those are manual folding. the pair I showed you. Do everything EXCEPT auto dimming. You can actually find them for less than what I said. Have found them around $330. Keep looking. Good Luck
  4. Best bet is either new at the dealer or aftermarket like these. Kool Vue Part No.: SET-CV45ER-S about $400
  5. Here you go. They are brand new. I only took them out of there boxes to be able to store in a smaller container indoors. Let me know
  6. Pioneer AVH-W4400NEX amazing unit does practically everything bluetooth, dvd, apple carplay , android auto etc $330 shipped You still need a installation kit and harness for the SS
  7. Brand New Polk Audio MOMO / not in the BOX I used to be heavy into car audio purchased these new and unfortunately never got around to installing them. Polk Audio Momo MMC650 6.5 Front Polk Audio Momo MMC460 4X6 Rear Amazing speakers if you are planning on upgrading the sound system with an amp. $170 shipped
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