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  1. hunterp27

    Z06 Brake Conversion

    Rudy, your brackets are flat out perfect. The fit and finish is top notch. I worked my way thru the three issues finally and here were the outcomes: 1. Not real sure how to adjust these but I rotated the mechanism drawing in the shoes a little bit. This allowed the new disc to go on relatively easy. 2. I still do not know why the threads would not start when trying to install the new brake line but to solve it I took the hard line off and drove it down to the nearest brake place. Had to swing by the local chevy dealer to buy the fitting as they are not a typical size. Of course they aren't, as none of my projects ever work out with a single trip to Autozone. Anyway, the brake place cut ff the old fitting (just about 1mm of metal), slid on the new coupling and re-flared the hard line. All done. 3. Not too difficult with a good angle grinder or cut-off tool but does require some skill to not gouge the bracket that holds the emergency brake. This was the most difficult part of the conversion by far for NNBS as the dust shields are NOT really removable.
  2. hunterp27

    Z06 Brake Conversion

    Right rear - first picture.....
  3. hunterp27

    Z06 Brake Conversion

    So lemme start off by saying that I am more than a little irritated at my project status. I have encountered several issues along the way that it doesn't appear anyone else has struggled with. I read and reread the step-by-step instructions before starting on Saturday morning and felt like I was set up to knock all 4 corners out in one day. This was based on the previous posts I had read from others doing this. I have a more than adequate tool supply and ability with things like this but damn if I haven't bogged down. Here it is Sunday evening and I have only gotten the two rears done with one small exception that I'll not below. I hope the fronts are easier. Problem number 1: E-brake/Parking brake shoes were wedged extremely tight into the left rear rotor. Took forever jacking the foot lever in the cabin and releasing it and using the bolt holes to drive the old stock rotor off the hub. Problem number 2: I decided to install Stop Tech SS braided lines during this swap thinking it would be as simple as unscrewing the stockers and replacing them with the new SS lines. NOT !!!!. The right rear was a struggle but I was finally able to get the hard line to thread into the new SS line and it is installed and functioning. The left rear however is another matter. I COULD NOT get the hard line to thread into the new SS line. I removed the entire hard line and got it into the sunlight. There was nothing wrong with the threads on the hard line or the new SS line but for the life of me I could not them to thread together. So, the stocker is on the left rear until I can get someone to tell me what the hell I am missing here. Problem number 3: The dust shields on the GM900 NNBS 2007-2014 are just ever so slightly different that the GM 800 NBS. It first glance they look the same but they cannot be removed from the truck without taking the entire axle and hub assembly out of the truck. That's far more effort than I wanted to get into so I took a cutting wheel and cut out the section needed. I don't recall reading this anywhere that this step is required. Its a pain in the arse!!!! On the plus side, the brackets fit extremely well and everything is lined up nicely. I have bled the rears and will re-bled once the front are done. This just wasn't as easy I was expecting.....
  4. hunterp27

    Z06 Brake Conversion

    Finally got all my shit together to do the upgrade to my wife's 2009 Bright Blue Escalade ESV. Only thing I am missing right now are the banjo bolts that attach the brake lines to the new Z06 calipers. The bolts that came with my Stoptech SS brake lines do not fit. Different thread pitch. Cannot wait to get this done !!! Thanks again to Rudy and Ray and everyone whose made this whole thing possible. Couple more photos since people like photos one more........ trying again to add one last photo