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  1. Finally got pics, trying to figure out how to add them🤔
  2. Thanks I'm checking the wires tomorrow, the reaview mirror temp. And direction keep flashing also
  3. No, service air bag only
  4. I took the drivers seat out to replace the cover , I'm pretty all the connections are hooked up I remember double checking them, but now the service air bag light is on and in the rear view also ??? Any ideas??
  5. Thanks for the warm welcomes , will post some pics this week, finally!!
  6. Hi all, bought a 2003 SSS VICTORY RED, 130,000 for $11,500, had a little bubbling over the wheel wells , but luckily I have a nephew with a restoration body shop , he cut out the wells and welded new in and paint. I pick it up this week I'll post pics soon, other then that she was perfect. Butch2003
  7. Hello all, new member from Abingdon, Md. purchased a 2003 Victory Red SS, hope to get it on the road next week,noticed it had a little bubling around the wheel wells, so my nephew does custom restoration work and welded new wheel well lips on and buffed it up so i should be on the road next week.

    1. houston05tx


      Welcome to the site!

    2. Downeast Johnny

      Downeast Johnny

      Welcome aboard Butch. Congrats on getting your truck. Nice to have a family connection for body / paint.

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