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  1. the spoiler was for the trucks, previous owner had to have thrown it on for some crazy reason. it looks outta place on the back of an suv. theres a long list of appearance changes with the JG Tahoe, but spoiler is not one lol
  2. exact #s will never be known, but Ive been told it was around 100 for the Tahoes. I also picked up a black awd SC tahoe less than a year ago and have loved every second of it.
  3. the spoiler is not part of the gibbs package
  4. Ive actually found a few sets on random CL searches of perfect condition Gibbs wheels. Ill probably be picking up a spare set
  5. Its real, only option it didnt have added was the seats. Trying to find 2 front seats to swap into it.
  6. All stock lol. bagged and a 5.3 swap
  7. I hated the 22s on it, ride was worse gas milage went down and honestly i dont even like the look on my truck. but i couldnt pass up OEM 22s for $700 for winter lol. The green fin on the left of the picture is a Amphicar, and Im not sure what the truck across the street is. Heres my buddy/shop owners daily driver.... so sick!
  8. Just some quick shots i got last week.
  9. Well yesterday one of my caps went missing (RIP little buddy) so now my OCD is killing me with just the 1 missing cap. anyone have one or know where to find one? Hell Id even buy a new set of Gibbs wheels if i could find a set.
  10. Thanks man, think Ive seen your truck before too
  11. so whos 300 is that in your profile pic?
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