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  1. so you can use shafts straight out of a 2500hd?
  2. having the trans rebuilt and wanted to do the stall converter while im at it the cam i will eventually go with is a btr stage 4,which reguires a 2500-3000 stall so my question is since i wont be doing the cam right now can i get away with doing the converter without doing a retune
  3. get a black widow and regret nothing!!!!
  4. ordering up some a1 7/8 headers with "offroad" y pipe,want to run a single 3 inch pipe all the way out the back using my 3 inch black widow venom 250....im wondering if anyone has a similar setup with a straight through or straight through-ish muffler and what there results where with this type of setup I.E estimated hp gains,sound of course,mileage etc...thanks in advance
  5. wow thats now on the never ending list of things to get thats for sure!
  6. sorry johnny your link doesnt bring up anything useful...only my recent amazon shopping cart..maybe try again
  7. thanks fellas,did some more research on the actual cause of the problem and wow what a piss poor design,i mean im no engineer by any stretch but dang...they would have to of known these things are ticking time bombs....thanks again gentlemen
  8. got a 2004 sss, ever since i bought this thing ive heard from gm guys and non gm guys alike telling me to watch out for the infamous transfer case pinhole....now im wondering if the t case in my truck is indeed the transfer case that seems to have this inevitable problem...so again 2004 silverado ss awd...will i have a problem or not? and before i get bashed for not researching ill tell you i did but i didnt find anything specifing if the awd silverados commonly fall to this problem or not i only found that "its a common gm problem" thanks in advance
  9. somebody got a link to this infamous "ebay special" intake...thanks
  10. any members live in the Oakland county, MI area? just moved back here from TN!

  11. oh and what the hell is a RCSB can someone fill me in on all these trendy abbreviation's you guys are using these days...im a simple man that describes a truck by what year make and model it is lol
  12. so not to beat a dead horse here but the holes on the bedsides....are they visible by looking at the side of the truck or only from underneath....i think the best bet here would be trade one of yall doors that wants the cladding...assuming you have a red truck to start with...or have some red doors in considerably good condition....that way i get doors with no holes and you get your cladding factory installed....then i would charge a marked down fee for the rest of the cladding you will obviously need with all brackets and hardware
  13. make an offer i would ship if you will for for it...i keep telling people to offer up but no one wants to make a offer i dont get it
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