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  1. Took a couple of pictures with her bogarts
  2. Finally I got all my parts I'm going with a 231/239 cam with double spring a build 4l80 with a circle D 3600 converter. 411 motive gears and a D1sc procharger.
  3. http://m.ebay.com/itm/Tru-Cool-Max-Transmission-Oil-Cooler-40-000-GVW-Low-Pressure-Drop-LPD47391-/322225882661?nav=WATCHING_ACTIVE This is the cheapest I could find it online.
  4. This is the 2nd time I have painted the grill gray the first time it was to light. I took one of my bumper ducks to my painter and try to mach it as close as possible but it looks like the oem ducks where mix with the paint when molded it doesn't look like it was painted over it. I think he did a good job on trying to mach it but on a cloudy day or if you look closer you can see the grill and little different color then my bumper docks and bumper grills. It looks like it has a blue/gray color on it.
  5. The part # 15117715 is the chrome with black mesh that's the one I have painted black and gray.
  6. On the oem Intimidated grill or the one you got from ebay? On the oem Intimidated grill or the one you got from ebay?
  7. I haven't bought it yet since I'm out of town I'm 100% sure they use the same grill for 06 v6 ls just in chrome and the gray mesh.
  8. Is not black with gray is chrome with gray and that's the numbers it has 10397947,10397948,10397949 and ss I think is aftermarket not 100% sure.
  9. I know the part # is 19122337 for the Intimidator grill and if you research this part # you will find they use the same grill on 06 v6 ls trucks. I bought one from a friend today but can't find this part # 19122337 or if is oem on the grill. This is the # it has 10397947,10397948,10397948 and it says SS on the back of the grill.
  10. The one in the bottom is a oem Intimidator grill? Can you post a picture of the back of the bowtie. Just want to see what part number it has.
  11. Does the intimidator grill has the part # in the back? Or says Gm or SS or oem ??
  12. Haven't had time to work on my truck because of work. I got this 6.0 and 4l80 on the weekend. My plans are to go with a procharger D1 so I will start gathering performance parts for the next couple of weeks. Planning on building the 4l80 with a good stall for boost. Hopefully I can get my hands on a 14 bolt 9.5" 33 spline 6 lug axle to complete my set up. This is how my engine bay looks like a 4.8 with a 4l60 I have ceramic long tube headers with a 3" Y pipe,QTP electric cutout and a Borla proxs, msd wires, K&N and a tylor spacer.
  13. Plastic dip them black. I think oem gives trucks more value when you want to sell or as time goes.
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