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  1. I’m in California but I’ll willing to pay for shipping
  2. psyClone SS

    Lower tailgate cladding needed

    Hi everybody. A few months ago my tailgate from my sss clone was stolen, so now I’m looking for the lower cladding and the SS letter.
  3. psyClone SS

    Original SS rims for Sale only 2

    I guess this are chrome. I'm look for the silver ss rimes.
  4. psyClone SS

    Stock 20" silver wheel

    Were are you located at? I'm willing to travel to pick it up.
  5. psyClone SS

    parting out 03 silverado ss

    Do you still have both driver and passenger heated control switches that goes the door panel?
  6. I live in California and I'm looking for some ss silver rims (oem). I have oem stock ltz rims willing to trade. Also does anyone have the ss dash insert.
  7. psyClone SS

    Will this work?

    They are not oem. I saw the parts in person and are hard as a rock. I do not recommend those parts cause more likely they are going to be difficult to install and will not looke right.
  8. psyClone SS

    iss spoiler brackets

    I'm also interested, also anyone know where I can buy a set of brackets to install the cladding kit for a reg cab?