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  1. ctv_lara

    2007 SS Clone

    Nice build hope to see more pictures of progress and from truck also
  2. ctv_lara

    Dash color code

    U have any pics of how it turn out ..im trying to redo mine also ive tried sem very dark pewter but i think its to light also tried sem graphite ..no good also
  3. ctv_lara

    Interior paint match

    Who haves done top dash repaint from peeling ..and wat color code name used ...cant find the right color pls help
  4. ctv_lara

    Wills Rcsb Build

    Any updates Any updates
  5. ctv_lara

    Black 2003 Silverado SS part out

    Still have parts ?
  6. ctv_lara

    Silverado SSI Clone (Build)

  7. ctv_lara

    Silverado SSI Clone (Build)

    Wat tire size u running?
  8. ctv_lara

    Full front clip ebay

    Where is that blue ss at eberhama?
  9. ctv_lara

    2001 GMC Sierra C3 interior parts

    How many miles on cluster?
  10. ctv_lara

    03 SSS parts vehicle for sale

    O too far im from colorado ..thanks anyway
  11. ctv_lara

    03 SSS parts vehicle for sale

    Where u located?
  12. ctv_lara

    For Sale - 2006 SSS - What's my 2006 SS worth?

    Where u located and how much are u asking?
  13. ctv_lara

    Looking for a full ss bumper setup!!!!

    I have a rear bumper complete ..offer