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  1. UPDATE: So I pulled the fuse from under the hood for the ABS. The shaking is definitely in the rear end and also in the Pedal not the steering wheel....I Studied on the rear dynamic proportoning valve and was able to dismiss it's failed characteristics. Still at a loss here, trying to avoid a shop since I feel this is within my capabilities.
  2. Alright guys, I'm in need of some help. After 3 different rotors, New Caliper, New Pads, New rear Axle Shaft w/ bearings, studs and seals, balanced tires and rims were checked for major damage. I STILL have a violent shake in my rear end during breaking. I am going to try a trick that worked on my Z71 and pull the ABS relay to check my speed sensors tomorrow, but after that I am lost guys. Much help appreciated
  3. Drove home my project today. '03 Arrival Blue (pics coming soon) much work needed and I am glad to have such a mature forum to discuss the things we need to accomplish our goals. Thanks for the add guys.
  4. Pro tip: pull ABS relay to see if speed sensors are bad. Solved my problems on my '00 Z71
  5. Classy and clean. I like them.
  6. Kaiser

    Bye Bye Lightning.

    Lots of 1/4 references, but I believe his story clearly stated rolling start off of a ramp. Seems possible. Good kill
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