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  1. Do u have the crank pully pinned , they can spin on the crank
  2. Hey guys , I been here awhile mostly just reading what everybody does to there trucks , and this site always helps me out when I'm having problems , always find my answers pretty easy , so that being said thanks for all the help .here is my issue , I have an 03 SS with a Maggie ,2.9 pulley , after dropping a valve and screwing up one of the heads I changed to different heads a different cam , and bigger injectors , then I sent the PCM out to have it retuned , got it back and had issues with it surging when I go to stop and stalling , was told to drill a hole in the TB plate , took it to have a tune done the rite way figuring I don't wanna b drilling holes in the TB and I got it back and it still stalls and surges, think it actually runs worse now then when it was just a mail order tune , thanks in advance guys any help will b greatly appreciated
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