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  1. Thank you guys, our first shipment is almost sold out, we literally have only 12 sets available now. after that is a 60 day pre order wait time. Ill keep posting pics as we get them, we have a nice fully custom brush that we are working on as well.
  2. Retail price will be 1598.00 for a full set 22x10 front and back Gloss black finish and aluminum center cap. we have Competition wheels in San Antonio TX lock down for Texas state. anyone interested should definitely give him a call.
  3. Gloss black will be the stocking part number but have no fear we have our own in house Finishing department so getting a custom finish is easy. also the center cap is not a cheap plastic is actual aluminum so when we powder coat the wheels the center cap gets the same finish and will match.
  4. Here are a few pics I could not post the images but here is the link https://drive.google.com/a/mrrwheels.com/folderview?id=0B-egMwbI_IGEWG1IeDF4WGhIcjg&usp=sharing#
  5. Guys !!! Im back !!!!! and hope you guys can forgive me for missing these couple of days that turned into weeks lol. but rest assure we did not stop the project, our first sample wheel arrived today. I will post pictures as I know many of you waited this long and some even gave up a little.... but now we have our first actual wheel look. I will up load picture of the wheel in many angles, also will show wit cap and with out. we went with a 22x10 that way you guys can get a nice mean looking tire on this baby.
  6. LOL Im not 12 guys, and sorry but definitely not messing with anyone, as a manager for a wheel company your actual feed back, opinions and reasons means gold to us, is very important, although we can not meet everyone's desires we can try to get close.
  7. Hey guys sorry i wet M.I.A. but im back !! we did get production rolling. as for what we decided to do design wise. see below. 1. 6 spoke?? No that definitely will not work/ will completely change the wheel/ 2. we did a rendering 5 spoke exposed lugs 6lug ..... also a no go/ 3 holes dont line up proprly
  8. that is our price for 20", 2 will more likely be in the 1600 range if its cast and about 1850-1950 if its Rotary Forged, currently the first to be out is a 22x10
  9. Yeah i think the main reason people are afraid of the 22 is the weight, ones a wheel is heavy forget it, the performance is lost, your wife hates you cause it feels heavy and stopping is like a mile away. some may be out ones i say this and i understand i can not make everyone happy, but the current size well at least the first size out will be a 22x10 and i was told it will be on the lighter side of 27lb -32lb each
  10. not that i think the truck community may care much but we are doing our research in determining what construction we will be taking. in which we may go with a Flow Forged meaning light weight, currently our 20 in flow forge range about 24-25lb each but considering load rating is 800KG and the truck guys will require a minimum of 955kg/ i estimate that a flowforged in a 22x10 will be about 45lb each.
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