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  1. And when they pull it out in thirty years it will sell for atleast 10 times the price. It will be that 001 number.
  2. Sorry, just noticed that was your first post and are most likely looking to by your first SS. Good luck and welcome to the site. A bunch of good poeple on here!
  3. Just add the tailgate cap and emblems to your SS and you got one.
  4. Just wondering if you are still planning anything?
  5. Thats cool. Im sure Ill see you there, if not sooner.
  6. I was there today and I know that diesel running 12.1. I ran him in my first time trial. He was FAST. I was also shocked on the pro tree I got with him on that run. It didnt matter, his 12.1 beat my 12.5. It was a fun day, but I left after I got my first ever red light. A -.002. They also put my dial in time at 13.7 instead of the 12.7 I had on the car, so it looked like I totally blew my bracket. But it was still fun. Did anyone get any video?
  7. I'll be there to race. just not in the truck class.
  8. nice times! congrats
  9. It looks like that frontend belongs on a Toyota. Looks like crap.
  10. Yeah, I think ill be there to see you guys again.
  11. I agree. Its a rubber company that sells silicone hose. Almost like heater hose.
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