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  1. buffle

    Ss Wheels Wanted

    I am in Independence and interested.
  2. buffle

    Chrome Silv Ss Wheels

    Looking for chrome ss wheels resonably close to Kansas City
  3. buffle

    FS Volant Intake

    Will this fit a 2006 silverado with a 5.3? If so interested.
  4. Where are u located ? Have 2005 Tahoe might be interested.
  5. Bought air intake 07/04/05 as of 08/05/05 have not received it. Bought on e-bay so I have them on his butt. Was high bidder told me it was back ordered, got usps shipping # 07/20/05. He told me he would throw in a special free gift for my inconvenience, well he sure did, wouldn`t answer his phone or return e-mails. Checked with post office today he did click and ship on 4 items at the same time none were ever shipped. So be sure to steer clear of Ty at divizion one autowerks.
  6. buffle

    Joe Gibbs Wheels

    Would you do 750.00 shipped? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> These are brand new. I cant do 750, the lowest ill go is 900 shipped. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> 800.00 is the best I can do, it`s a standing offer if you reconsider
  7. buffle

    chrome SS wheels & tires

    Tempermental............and a lousy business man. Just look in the mirror to see a real ****
  8. buffle

    Joe Gibbs Wheels

    Would you do 750.00 shipped?
  9. buffle

    chrome SS wheels & tires

    No problem....................slotruck
  10. buffle

    chrome SS wheels & tires

    1700.00 shipping included is a better deal than 1600.00 plus shipping. I know you can do better!
  11. buffle

    Joe Gibbs Wheels

    Will they accomodate tire pressure sensors, and are they black or gray?
  12. buffle

    chrome SS wheels & tires

    Bottom Dollar?
  13. buffle

    chrome SS wheels & tires

    Need a price, will they accept tire pressure sensors?
  14. buffle


    What kind of money , anything can be shipped where are you ?