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  1. That’s pretty cool man. I wonder if the factory Brembo kit would work as well from that model year. I personally am going to get the Wilwood kit.
  2. Hey dudes, I had an idea. Anyone ever notice that roll pans make our trucks look like they have flat butts? No one makes NASCAR style roll pans. What I mean is a mini bumperette. who would get one? I for one would, no truck deserves a flat butt from the 90’s. kinda like this: https://theracingwarehouse.com/product/24-raphael-lessard-2021-gms-bumper/
  3. where did you find these???? I need to know!!!
  4. Rear diff going out. Probably the bearings.
  5. In order to change over you’d have to completely swap the fluid. Like use a Tech 2 programmer to push all of it out. Even if it is compatible make sure you change all that stuff out.
  6. Personally I used QA1s in the rear and Bilstiens in the front. I made a post about it a couple years ago.
  7. I have not fan into that issue, but I do suggest pulling the Cluster and checking the back of it/wiring.
  8. Bought my ISS with 108k Currently with 211k Ive routinely changed all fluids(replaced Trans Servos on the back of the pan when I broke them accidentally) Replaced the water pump with an ACDelco Replacement(did T-stat while in there)@210k It does need the driver side seat foam/cover/seat heater element replaced.(I believe the previous owner was a big dude) Other than that it has not required any unscheduled maintenance.
  9. I have bilstiens in the front and QA1s in the rear. The fronts are a little soft(only a couple thousand miles on em). The rears are double adjustable and I love em. Stock ride height
  10. QA1 makes ones for the rear. If you search for the thread, I posted a write up on it.
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