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  1. I'm looking for a front bumper spoiler. Any ideas

    1. jddmj


      You are looking for the Tahoe front valance from the 03-06. This is the "spoiler" you are talking about.

  2. B Cose

    New 2003 SSS

    Great find, welcome to the club.
  3. Hey folks, I'm looking for a front bumper spoiler. Any ideas???
  4. Thanks guys. And what kind of difference did you notice by doing the upgrade?
  5. Hey folks. I have a 03 Ss Silverado and I'm looking to do the larger radiator and a electric fan upgrade while my transmission is being rebuilt. Does anyone know the specs on and where I can find a Oem radiator and fan???
  6. Don't know if I over looked it in all the post, but do you still have the the driver side door panel? And what shape is the tailgate in? And what kind of wheels do you have?
  7. Ok. Thanks for the info. Do you guys know where I can get a good price on the Baer rotors and c6 calipers? And what about pads, what are you guys using?
  8. B Cose

    Dubai Marina

    Truck looks great. Where did you get your front bumper spoiler?
  9. Hi everyone I'm a new member and the owner of a Ss Silverado. I spoke to Rudy, who I found on this site and spoke to him about the brackets he sales for the z06 brake upgrade. I also need to know if they will clear my stock 20in. wheels and if anyone knows if the setup can be done without a 15in. rotor. Thanks for you guys' help!
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