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  1. Stickman03SS

    Silverado SS 20s Wheels

    Do you have pics showing their condition?
  2. Stickman03SS

    WTB stock Silverado SS muffler

    Here are some pictures. Still trying to decide if I want to hang on to it or sell. I currently have two 3 inch Dyomaxx Race Bullets that go into a 3 inch dual in/dual out Dynomaxx UltraFlo X. It then goes into my original y-pipe and tailpipe combo. The y-pipe portion had to be broke down and reclocked so the pipes were horizontal to line up with the UltraFlo X out pipes. You probably remember that the stock muffler out pipes are cockeyed compared to horizontal as you can see in the pictures. Are you going to try and hook back up to your stock y-pipe/tailpipe combo?
  3. Stickman03SS

    FS: Throttle body and Injectors

    Just for my edification, were the 8.1 injectors the 36 or42 lb GM injectors? I have seen both referred to as 8.1 injectors. I currently have the GM 36 lb version in my SS and have been wondering if they will be big enough for a supercharger or if I will need to get bigger injectors. Thanks for any info you can offer. Jim
  4. Stickman03SS

    WTB stock Silverado SS muffler

    I still have my stock muffler. I am not sure long the input and output pipes are. When we took it off, we tried to keep as much of the pipe intact of the mid and tail pipes. I will try to take some pics and then decide if I want to sell it. Jim
  5. Stickman03SS

    ISO Arrival Blue SS

    Hey Travis,I am thinking about selling my blue SS. Not a done deal, but I thought I would at least test the waters. I am thinking about a new truck or a Chevy SS sedan, so my SS would have to go. Let me know and I can share more details. It is a really nice one, with 82k miles (20k on new GM installed long block due to catastrophic failure after possible oil pump issue). I am in the Tulsa area, so I am not too far away. Jim Reynolds Forgot to mention thoughts on price. I was going to advertise it for $22k with a little wiggle room depending on offers.Jim
  6. Stickman03SS

    Which muffler to go with?

    I had the Dynomax Ultra Flo X with turndowns. A really nice deep rumble, but it was a bit much for the highway. I recently took that off and put in Dynomax 3 inch race bullets (two) and ran them through my original tailpipe. Similar deep tone, but quitter on the highway due to the tailpipe I believe. I have a 1975 K5 2WD drive Blazer with a 6.0, long tubes, Brian Tooley cam running through 2.5 inch Flowmaster series 50 delta flows. Ran 40 series before that. The 40 series were more tinny than the Dynomax. The series 50 delta flows were deeper than the 40 series, but not as deep as the Dynomax. I wish my Dynomax were a tad quieter, but I still prefer over the flowmasters.
  7. Stickman03SS

    Speed Engineering Long Tubes and Mid-pipes

    Thanks for the input, especially on the fitment of the headers on our SS's. Please don't take this a me being argumentative, but are you sure about the ceramic coating flaking on stainless? I am an engineer by education and have a metallurgical engineer who sits next to me and I asked him a few questions. Stainless steels will rust over time, but way slower than mild carbon steels. I did some reading about the coating and most sites seem to recommend coating, even on stainless, and I didn't see any complaints about flaking. I wonder if surface prep is critical to avoid flaking or if these people have not had them long enough to see flaking. My turner just bought a set of Manzo 2 inch stainless steel long tubes for his G8 and he is sending them off for coating. I will keep researching for a good place to do coatings locally and see what they recommend. Like I said, please don't be offended. I just want to be sure and do the right thing, even if it is to leave them alone or buy a different set. I do like the price of the Speed Engineering components but want to have them last. Thanks again for the input. Jim
  8. Does anyone have any experience with Speed Engineering long tube headers and mid-pipes? The mid-pipes come with mufflers and turn downs, but I will likely stick with Dynomaxx race bullets and factory tailpipe for now or give them both a try for comparison. These are a more affordable header and mid-pipe combo over the ARH headers and mid-pipes, but I know that sometimes you get what you pay for. I currently have a custom tune, CAI, IAT breakout harness and sensor, and 36lb GM injectors. Thanks in advance for any input you guys can offer. Thanks!
  9. Stickman03SS

    L92 heads

    I talked with my G8 buddy who also owned a GTO with the LS2 cathedral port heads. He said the GTO guys have put on LS3 heads and intakes on their LS2 engines for years with an increase in power at lower RPMs with a smaller cam due to the increased flow. The L92 heads and intake should respond that way too. You will that small increase in compression as stated above. I hope that helps!
  10. Stickman03SS

    L92 heads

    Double check my info, but wouldn't you have to change intake also? The stock 317 heads are cathredal port and the L92 heads are LS3/rectangular ports on the intake side. A new intake will add quite a bit to the price unless you have a stock truck intake to go with your heads. Like I said, double check my info. I am still learning my way around the various LS style engines with my engines being the LQ4 in my 75 Blazer and LQ9 in my SSS.
  11. Stickman03SS

    Fuel pump question.

    I just replaced mine and used the Delphi FG0053 unit. I has the upgraded harness connector included that you will have to splice into your current wire harness. I pulled the fuel tank, but it was a job. Only easy way is to cut a hole in the bed, but most people don't want to do that to an SS truck. Tilting or sliding the bed back is probably easier than lowering the tank, but I have not done it that way. Just my two cents.
  12. Stickman03SS

    Who's SSS is a daily driver??

    Mine is a daily driver. Just turned 68k miles.
  13. Stickman03SS

    2003 SSS Fuel Pressure Spec

    Thanks for the additional input. I did find that the new fuel pressure regulator I had put in early in the troubleshooting process was bad out of stock. I put the old one back in and have 50 psi regulated and 60 unregulated, which should be normal for a return style setup like our 2003 models have. At least that is what I have been told. It would be different for the 2004 models with the return-less, which is what my 75 K5 Blazer has (2004 Denali engine). It ran great for a few days and the problem returned. It seems to be less often with the old regulator on, but it does happen. STFT's still seem a bit high and erratic, especially when compared to the Blazer. I am going to put the fuel pressure gauge back on and do some test runs to see if I can find anything. I have seen that it might be a weak pump flow rate wise, but just in the range for pressure. Not sure if that would be valid, especially since it seems fine at WOT. Does anyone know what the fuel flow rate should be at idle and if that is a valid test to attempt and possibly the actual test procedure. I hate to take it in to the dealer or local repair shop unless I have a good idea what it is or that I feel like it would be reasonably quick to troubleshoot. I hate to take it in and get slammed with a bunch of troubleshooting bills, but walk out with no answer. Being intermittent makes it hard, especially with no codes. The crank relearn is still on my list of possibilities too. My tuning guy uses HPTuners, so he might be able to do it. I have not had time to call the dealer to see if they did it as part of the engine change, but I would think it would be a standard thing. We will see. Thanks in advance if anyone has flow rate spec and test procedure!
  14. Stickman03SS

    2003 SSS Fuel Pressure Spec

    So I am clear on the pressure spec, you are saying it should be 58 psi for the return style fuel system, like installed on the 2003 version and I am operating normally? With the regulated pressure of 45 psi and an unregulated of 53 psi, I would be concerned that it is low compared to the 58 psi? I know my Blazer is right on 58 psi, but it is a 2004 Denali LQ4 with the returnless style system with an in-tank Aeromotive Phantom 200 fuel pump installed. That has been my concern, as I have seen both 50 and 58 on the internet as the correct pressure. Sorry for all the questions, but I want to be sure I am on the same page. Thanks for your input. I cannot say for sure if the cam position relearn was performed. This was a dealer installed GM rebuilt LQ9 long block and I am was not there for that phase of the install. I will check the invoice, but doubt it will show that, but it should unless an part of the install. Is the cam position relearn something that is easily accomplished? I will do some checking for the details of the procedure in the meantime and perform it if possible. These things that either the dealer or myself has overlooked are just what I hope to determine, so I have my truck back to normal.
  15. Sorry if I am asking something that appears somewhere in the site, but I have searched and searched for the stock pressure for a 2003 SS and only seem to find data for people who have put in an aftermarket pump. Does anyone know where I find it or can definitively tell me what it is? I see way too many people on the internet (not here) who state fuel pressure for the various GM trucks from memory or ignorance that is often wrong. I am really struggling with a very intermittent misfire issue when tipping into the throttle mostly at speed. I have changed nearly everything on the truck after following various forum threads and their info for troubleshooting. Still no luck. I have been focusing on fuel pressure lately as a last resort. Here are some reading from today's runs with pressure gauge on windshield as I drive. Idle with pressure regulator vacuum line on - 45 psi off - 53 psi Driving without p/r vacuum line on - Nearly constant pressure of 53 psi at all power and speed settings Driving with p/r line on - Idle 45 psi in drive. As I tip into throttle, the pressure spikes to 54 psi until I let out of the gas and then drops to 40 psi until it stabilizes at 43 psi once again. The pressure is very throttle position sensitive. It has the "return" style fuel system. During these tests, the misfire would come and go, with no seen correlation to fuel pressure. This is what I have changed the last two months chasing this. New GM long block was installed in February after only 3 months of ownership, Truck had 61k miles. No misfire issue with new engine. Old engine broke two rods and pistons within 5 miles of first sound that really sounded like alternator bearing, but unfortunately was not. Engine blew at 25mph on off ramp limping home. I have blown engine before and this sounded nothing like normal rod knock. Suspect known GM oil pressure high pressure relief valve stuck issue, but could not prove it. Engine had broken block and starter housing where rods pushed block out into it. All seemed fine after engine change. Changed muffler to and Dynomax Ultra Flo X and developed issue shortly thereafter. Extra airflow seemed to throw off tune, so engine was tuned with great improvement, but intermittent misfire as described continued Hence started the massive parts and troubleshooting effort. Here are the parts. MAF - After a MAF code. All O2 sensors - After 2 codes. New plugs and wires. Switched out coils with my 75 K5 Blazer 6.0 swap. MAP sensor. Pressure regulator. Used set of stock injectors. New set of 8.1 liter GM injectors. New air filter. New CAI (Spectre unit) It has been tuned several times during this. It had the stock muffler and tail pipe replaced with Dynomax Ultra Flo X Muffler (3 inch dual in and out into turndowns right after muffler, but before axle). Remanufactured ECU installed, Used throttle body (old Blazer one installed) and then new until also stole from Blazer. No change to Blazer performance. MAF flow rate test for Cats okay. Cat temps are the same as exhaust pipe before and after cat. Fuel mileage at 10 mpg city/13 or less highway. ECU change gave me 3 days of trouble free driving and then it came back. Please ask questions and I will try to provide more info. I am at a loss. Early check of fuel pump showed 50 psi most everywhere, but this latest check seems to be different and thus my post. Thanks for any help anyone can provide. PS. This has me about to sell this thing and buy a G8, but this is a really really nice SS and I don't want to sell it. I just don't need the stress due to health issues in my life at the current time. Thanks again! Jim Reynolds