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  1. I have my stock blue hood for sale. Located in Norther NJ. Hood is in good shape, has a bug deflector on it. Asking $200
  2. honestly, i would just rent the kit from auto zone or your local autostore if they offer it. You get 100% of your money back upon return in most cases. Being you won't use this kit a lot i don't see a reason to buy it, you would end up lending it friends more then you actually using it. Just my .02
  3. Has anyone installed timbrens on their truck? Part # GMRCK15S is what i ordered and they won't fit between my axle and the bump-stop mount. I am thinking of disconnecting the shocks and to see if it will give me the clearance then lowering the truck down and reconnecting the shocks. Not sure if they just weren't made to work with the ss or if my springs are worn out.
  4. thats a good idea. the one connection under my tranny has been leaking a bit no matter what i tried. I will order a new clamp from summit and throw some rtv around it.
  5. Recently i had a bad brake fluid leak at both front calipers. I installed Russel SS brake lines all around, anyways the aluminum crush washers(or whatever the were) that came with them corroded away from the salt. Never heard of this issue and its clearly dangerous. Word of advice, always use the Copper crush washers. Lesson learned. I found some washers in my tool box and used them up in the front, i noticed my rears look like they are starting to corrode as well. Does anyone know what size they are? i used the search bar and found the factory front ones were part # 21012386. I need the part numbers or preferably the size for the rear (if its different). On the front i have 07 Tahoe caliper/rotor upgrade.
  6. I never took pictures, i just used a meter to test everything.
  7. So i did my cluster in blue (looks great). During the ac panel, I only have one LED on, the rest are out (minus the factory white bulbs for the sliders). took my meter to it and it seems the less that are not working are getting 7volts to them, has anyone run into this issue? I bought the LEDS off amazon. If someone can post a link to amazon of what would work, it would be appreciated. Also i thought of doing this without doing any research so i didn't use resistors in anything and for now everything seems to be good( i guess if they end up burning out i'll have to buy resistors and redo some of the things. (at least its a cheap mod)
  8. Kind of just no halos. I already have a retrofi with morimoto 4.0. But now I plan on doing a different set up.
  9. thanks for the advise. everything ordered so this will be a nice winter project along with another projector retrofit in the headlights
  10. thanks for the reply, i will placing some orders : )
  11. I really would like to do this. Do they sell everything as a kit or are you guys buying everything individually?
  12. Normally you probably could drive around for a little while but your check engine light will definitely be on. Being you are removing the cats, i am not sure how it would affect the drivability without a tune. the truck feels a bit more powerful. Idling or cruising it sounds about the same, but when you mash the throttle the truck screams. ( Get a lot of compliments on the sound). Before the headers i was already tuned by Blackbear so i just had them retune for the headers. I am sure if you compared an untuned truck to a header install and tune it would be a lot more dramatic difference.
  13. I just did the Dynatech long tubes over the summer but with cats. Your stock 02 sensors should transfer over unless they come out with the threads ( i ended up replacing one) You definitely should get tuned afterwards. While in there, i would recommend changing the header bolts out to ARP studs and use OEM header gaskets.
  14. same here, 5w-30 mobile one syn with a bosch filter.
  15. Does anyone know the part number for the ARP studs needed for our trucks? I searched and can't seem to find anything as far as a part number. Both my rear studs are rusted off and exhaust is starting to leak now. Figure there will be some discounts this weekend so I can get a better price on them. I plan on doing a Trick stage 3 turbo in the near future so I want to get this out of the way now to make life easier down the road. I plan on ordered from summitracing unless I can get a better price somewhere else. Thank in advance for the help. Also is $350 a good price for a used 4l80e, planning on doing some mods and doing the conversion soon as well.
  16. Can you post up some pics of your taillights? They look like the ones on eBay been considering but wasn't sure how that looked like lit up at night.
  17. i have considered these myself, waiting on someone else to post a pic to see if i should pull the trigger on them.
  18. I had LED's in mine and I would constantly get high beamed even with my lights aimed down. I ended up just doing an HID retrofit and its 100% better.
  19. I am trying to shoot a go pro video, not sure how it will come out. I got as far as getting everything apart and dremeling the hole out till it could fit the projector far enough so the lens would close. This left me with nothing to mount it to so tomorrow i am going to go to home depot and see what i can find or figure out then continue recording it. I have cheap eBay headlights which according to previous write-ups makes it a little more difficult.
  20. Nice!! i just received mine today, luckily its snowing and it takes two seconds to get our headlights out.
  21. I been using morimoto brand stuff for a long time and never had any issues. Plus its easier to contact one company for support if there ever was an issue, rather then have multiple companies point fingers at each other. I might make a retrofit how-to video with my go pro if i don't forget. Good thing about this season is that when boxes show up to the house, i can tel the finance they are xmas gifts, hehe. I just won't tell her its for me.
  22. sorry for the late reply, been busy. Here is the link to what i got. https://www.theretrofitsource.com/complete-retrofit-kits/universal-kits/bixenon-pnp-upgrade.html I got the Mini D2s 4.0 projectors. Now this is the kit to get if you are already running an hid kit. Get the new D2S bulb with this under bulb selection and the kit comes with a D2s bulb adaptor that you will plug into your HID kit ballast, therefore there is no more wiring to redo or remount any ballasts.
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