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  1. Nothing but dirty oil. No metal shavings either. I'm just going to hammer down and it will show itself one day for sure. Thanks guys for the suggestions.
  2. I'm going with Belltechs from Jegs. Thanks
  3. Who makes the best stock replacement shock for my 2005 SS awd. Also who has the best price?
  4. I ended up changing the rear diff oil tonight. While I had it on the rack i did notice the passenger side bump stop was missing. Nothing else was out of place or any noticeable damage to anything. Double checked to make sure the front wheels had no play in them. It made the same noise while driving home.
  5. The noise did it again today while going down the road 3 times pretty close together. It also seemed like bumps in the road triggered the episodes. I was able to determine that it was possibly coming from the rear end of the truck. It's almost like the limited slip is trying to engage. The truck has 128,000 and still has original reared diff oil. I picked up some new oil today from the dealership and plane on changing it tonight. Any other suggestions?
  6. No play in the wheel. But it did it again today when I hit a bump in the road.
  7. Thanks for the input guys. It did not do it while power breaking it. I also did a turn into the subdivision under acceleration and it would not do it. Yesterday when it did it turning into the subdivision it was a left turn and coasting.
  8. Just bought a 2005 Silverado SS AWD with 128,000 miles. Previous owner has already replaced the driver side axle twice thinking the first one was bad as well as the bearings. Also changed the fluids and additive. He stated that he has not heard this tapping noise for several months. As luck would have it I heard a tapping noise as I turned into my subdivision tonight. Sounds like someone tapping a hammer on a solid piece of aluminum. It only did it like 4-5 taps and then quit as I straightened the truck up. Any suggestions.
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