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    I own an 01 Silverado (It was my dads and I got it when I was in high school) and found a 2004 Silverado SS Totalled and bought the motor! LQ9! After I got enough money I got ide of the 5.3 and moved up! Not a true SSS but when I ride witht hem they are surprised!

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  1. Black Widow doesnt sound that good. Make our trucks sound like a old hotrod. i do the 3 in with headers and works perfectly.
  2. Those emblems looks damn good! May i ask where you got those? Nice truck bro!
  3. Stock trans will die. There arent very good behind these big ole 6.0s. Would probably pump Tranny line pressure to get the shifts you want. Adding a vette servo aswell as a Transgo HD2 Shift kit to mine made it 100% better! (Just dont add any gold rings or flip the servo) As far as AFR thats weird. I would see if you can call a rep. tuner who can answer it 100% for you. Never ran into that issue but when it was my truck with just longtubes and intake i was a 12.5AFR or close to that.
  4. Looking to be complete swap for my silverado.
  5. Unplugged it and it should max out and then fall to zero. If the gauge doesnt move, its a stepper motor.
  6. ARP 134-1102 Save you some money. Got mien for 55 bucks 2 years ago. Its perect quality and easy to install! But please for love of god USE THEIR ARP TORQUE LUBE!!!!!
  7. Just got done dealing with a broke. Flexplate in my 80.... got a circle D looks so sexy and better quality
  8. Very bad! 9/10 the viscous coupler is wasted. Would take it to another shop and have them inspect it. Had a buddy of mine do the samething. He drove it less than a mile. Ended up costing him some bucks for the customer. Easiest way to say it is he is the luckiest guy in the world if nothing is wrong.
  9. I would just get pieces from the hardware store or do what i did and use the supplies pieces in the kit. I used all from the kit (took my time and did it right a professional.) Save the 75 bucks. Im pulling my grille off soon so i will take pics on how i mounted mine. Even has the front air temp. Sensor righr there like factory too!
  10. Love mine! 1 7/8 tsp tubes with 3 in borla xr 1. Love mine and when i cammed it. Got so much loader.
  11. 295k here and maies great power! Rebuilding the top end for little lifter noise and camming it! 3k Mobile 1 oil changes from day 1! Those bearings will be good as new!
  12. Speed engineering makes a good set of turbo manifolds. Everything from the 4.8, 5.3, 6.0 can be swapped. Except the pistons and crank and rods(maybe wrong with the last 2) cannot be swapped from 4.8/5.3 to 6.0. 4.8 and 5.3 are the same blocks and crank. The 4.8 is a destroked 5.3 and had flat top pistons. If i was going to Force induction it, i would go with a 5.3 and keep the domed pistons, or go to a 6.0 and do a set of ported 243s and keep the compreeson to a 9.5.1.
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