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  1. Thank I'm going over tonight hopefully we can get it figured out.
  2. Daver983

    My swap

    Lq9 out of my 04 ss in my nova.
  3. I just don't know if it's in tune or something minor I'm missing. Pulled covers off checked for anything cracked or broke but looks good. I checked ignition system this looks fine as well. Thanks for your help.
  4. We've done that seems no effect Yes I tuned ve table and maf separately with a wideband. Stft's are within +/- 4%. LTFT are disabled and I have it running in OL. Fueling is spot on. It's the BTR stage 3 cam 231/242 .617"/.592" 112+2.
  5. Did lq9 swap out of my ss silverado now with 4l80 with btr 3 cam long tube headers 3400 stall car runs Excellent except for when I come up to stop sign it will run shortly and will try or does die most time it dies unless 2 foot. Has lowered thermostat and friend with hp tuners has helped me tune it so far but can't get this problem figured out. Changed throttle body,tac module and fuel pressure stays at 58. Any info will be great
  6. Bump no injectors I can use bigger but trying to stay with stock rail. Not sure if flex injectors will help
  7. Shipping would be $175 to $200 Sorry for Late response been hectic. But you can always reach me @ [email protected]
  8. Sorry cluster,grill,bumper grill, bumper vents,wheels,transmission & transfer case,all ss decals,inserts are gone. I have left passanger fender,front ss seats,console,passanger air bag,steering wheel with column, air conditioning switches,miscellaneous inside pieces,panels, some cladding with brackets,and hood.
  9. Daver983

    Ls3 engine cover

    Hello just curious if ls3 engine cover will fit on the lq9 6.0 intake thanks?
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