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    Shopping for an SS and need some opinions.

    Well I got mine a little over a year ago for $20,500, it had 32k on the clock and a few minor bolt-ons and little do dads but overall I think it was a great deal I looked for 2 years before I found mine and yes the prices will vary because of the rarity of the vehicle, it ultimately doesn't have a stable value, it's worth what someone will pay for it, Good luck George
  2. Silverado_George

    FS: Silverado SS lanyards

    ill take one, how do I go about it?
  3. Silverado_George

    ISO: OEM rear bumper

    any pics of that? been looking for one for a while but all of the ones I see are beat up any pics?
  4. Silverado_George

    ISO: OEM rear bumper

    Just out of curiosity, is the rear bumper cover a part that is readily available and that GM still produces? As in a part I can go to the dealer right now and buy it?
  5. Silverado_George

    2003 SSS - needs some love

    a short video would be appreciated! ๐Ÿ‘ would be nice to see the switchbacks on these trucks, might be a mod I do to my truck in the near future
  6. Silverado_George

    Replace Headlights

    Don't do it... I had these projector headlights on my old pickup truck before and the quality is really subpar as well as the light output... really crappy light pattern and very cheaply made headlight, I wouldn't do it if I were you, just stick to OEM or find a better option George
  7. Silverado_George

    SS parts

    hasn't been on the site since he posted this over a month ago ๐Ÿคจ hate when people do that lol
  8. Silverado_George

    2006 Silverado Intimidator SS for sale 56000 miles. $23900

    try emailing the pictures from your phone to your email, then it will ask you what size do you want to send them and then you can size them up so that they can upload to the site
  9. Silverado_George

    What did you do to your SS today?

    Looks Great! Been wanting to do this to my 04' for a while but idk kind of hesitant, don't now if I trust someone drilling into my cab.. lol George
  10. Silverado_George

    What's going on?

    I am having a problem with the old SS but here's the story first on how I got her, I had been looking for 2 years for the right SS at the right price even out of state but could not find a rust free one until I finally saw one on Craiglists about 1 hour away from me with 32k on the odometer, I just couldn't believe it so I went and saw it, guy was the 2nd owner and had it garaged but rarely drove it, I just couldn't believe it. The only mods he had done to it was: JBA shorty headers, Throttle body spacer, S & B CAI, MSD Wires, and Magnaflows, truck ran immaculate as he said he had serviced it from the basic stuff regularly even tranny fluid change and differential service( I checked the tranny fluid so he wasn't lying). Closed the deal for the truck, have put about 7k miles on her since (39k right now) I got her in March, noticed right away that the truck was a monster when you mashed the throttle, tested it's limits to see and brought it up to 110 a couple of different times. Just out of nowhere though a few weeks back I noticed that something changed and I noticed right away a loss of power from the startup, the exhaust tone even sounded much less loud and toned down, it was easy for me to bring her up to 70 on the freeway but now I noticed that it takes double the effort on the throttle to get her up to that speed.. These engines are strong as can be so I don't think it's a compression problem especially not at that low of mileage, the tranny did have low fluid and I do not know for how long since I owned it had it been like that since I didn't properly check the level, any thoughts?
  11. Silverado_George

    What's going on?

    So your power came back? Was thinking of doing the whole exhaust as well since previous owner did magnaflows but the pipes and tips are all rusted, did you go with any particular cats like magnaflow or just any cats? Kind of tougher for me since I live in California and they've got the whole CARB legal thing going on.. George
  12. Silverado_George

    2006 Silverado SS Intimidator

    possible link to it? a few pictures would let us decide if it's worth that kind of cash
  13. Silverado_George

    07 SSS color options????

    I' also saw a guy on the ss page on facebook that had a red 07'
  14. Silverado_George

    What's going on?

    I did, they could not find what was wrong with it.. it's one of those instances where an outside person comes in an tests the truck but only you as the owner know the truck and know that it's just not running right
  15. Silverado_George

    What's going on?

    So here's an update: went under the truck and banged the cats and they didn't really rattle much, but when the truck is on and in drive at a stoplight I hear a rattle coming from under the truck when I have my window down.. next thing that I did was I disconnected the o2 sensor before the cat on the drivers side and connected an exhaust pressure gauge and got 0 PSI ๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™‚๏ธ haven't gotten to the passenger side cat yet. I also notice that on a cold start in the morning when I drive the truck and press the throttle lightly it tends to buck and like hesitate.. gonna try hitting it with the thermal gun but I think that the truck also has the original cats on it, they say Delphi, hmm just putting that out there but what do you guys think, should I go through and just replace the cats? I just want my trucks power back โ˜น๏ธ George
  16. Silverado_George

    What's going on?

    Yeah it's pretty tricky I guess, gonna check the cats tomorrow to figure it out but imo that is most likely the cause as everything else on the truck seems fine
  17. Silverado_George

    What's going on?

    do you think that's the cause of the power loss or was mike right on the spot when he said that it was one of my cats starting to go bad?
  18. Silverado_George

    What's going on?

    Haven't had time to check but Mike from the forum here says it's most likely a clogged cat, my initial thought would be that it would most likely trigger a code or a pending code but I guess maybe the problem hasn't gotten that serious where the computer would set off a code, I agreed with Mike but what do you guys think? Other possibilities that I would have thought that came to mind would be an exhaust leak and this wire that was getting cut by the steering shaft bolt, I've wrapped some electrical tape around it since( 2nd time doing it, don't know what happened to tape first time) and used a ziptie to get it away from the bolt George
  19. Silverado_George

    What's going on?

    nope just underperforming, I scanned it and everything seemed normal no codes whatsoever
  20. Silverado_George

    What's going on?

  21. Silverado_George

    2006 SS red 80k

    Interested in this, more pics would be greatly appreciated, email is [email protected]
  22. Silverado_George

    Black Bear Performance Tune Event DFW; Nov 16-18, 2018

    When will you guys be coming to the Bay Area?
  23. Silverado_George


    Hey guys I was just starting this topic not as means to bash the truck obviously but just as a means of pointing out the problems that I noticed since I've owned it that these trucks have and that GM could have done due to the fact that they cost people 40k when they were brand new. Some of the problems listed here affect MOST and some of them affect and apply to ALL and others are generic Silverado and GM issues. Feel free to add any if I've missed some 1. Famous Steering clunking when turning or going over rough terrain 2. Front Differential 3. Cheap Leather that frays and cracks after only a little bit 4. Stepper Motors in Instrument cluster being non-functional 5. Transmission Slipping ( Happens every now and then to mine and I am only at 38k miles). 6. Didn't put a sunroof on all the trucks, should have done this since the SS trim was the highest and most exclusive trim you could go with back then, should have fully loaded all of them 7. Brakes are not very good considering that they are in charge of stopping a 5,300 pound pickup truck 8. Tailgate latch issue 9.Rusting brake lines issue
  24. Silverado_George


    Wow that's great to hear man! Not knocking the truck at all, it is my dream vehicle as I pursued one for 2 years before I stumbled on mine ๐Ÿ˜ just stating the issues not because of age I meant like the known issues or things that I thought that GM could have made better but it is still a fast truck nevertheless George
  25. Silverado_George

    Hello to everyone from Illinois

    Mine had about 32,000 when I bought her i'm currently at 38,000 ๐Ÿ˜Š, pretty low still, also had the option of getting a newer LTZ or Sierra but ultimately opted for this truck because the body style and design is timeless and will always look good in my opinion George