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    JBA Shorty Headers, S & B Cold Air Intake, MSD Wires, Throttle body spacer

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    Owner of a 04' SSS & of a 97' Chevy Silverado Extended Cab love working on them!

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  1. Would have been nice if GM offered an OEM 22" option but they didn't
  2. I'm still here as well lol I still frequently log into the site to scope out items for sale or if I get caught up in a bind and need advice, the facebook group helps alot too!
  3. Still available? I posted a while back about the same thing
  4. I know man, kind of lucky that they took just one as I’ve found out that they’re extremely hard to find and in good condition
  5. As strange as it sounds, just one of my Chrome wheel caps got stolen overnight, would be nice to have an extra OEM set laying around just in case but looking for one to four caps in good condition, let me know what you have ?
  6. Well I got mine a little over a year ago for $20,500, it had 32k on the clock and a few minor bolt-ons and little do dads but overall I think it was a great deal I looked for 2 years before I found mine and yes the prices will vary because of the rarity of the vehicle, it ultimately doesn't have a stable value, it's worth what someone will pay for it, Good luck George
  7. any pics of that? been looking for one for a while but all of the ones I see are beat up any pics?
  8. Just out of curiosity, is the rear bumper cover a part that is readily available and that GM still produces? As in a part I can go to the dealer right now and buy it?
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