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  1. Honestly, the same could be said about lowering any truck. It's his, I'm not excited about lifting any truck (I'd rather slam 'em) but yeah.. Richard
  2. Two different wrecker driver friends sent me pics last night/today of an Intimidator at a SW Houston impound lot. Grille mesh is black instead of silver and the ducts appear to be all black, looks like billet bowtie on it too. Has a fiberglass bed lid on it so it looks like the 3 piece wing has been removed (wonder where it is?) And it's got those goofy looking (IMO, sorry) U-bar type aftermarket headlights and appear to be aftermarket tails, too. Looks fairly clean in the pics though.. dual tip exhaust, doesn't look like Corsa but hard to tell, and they're sitting lopsided. OEM chrome wheels. So who got towed? I'd say it's probably a stolen recovery as it looks like the driver door lock is punched. - EDIT - buddy just told me windshield marks say HPD NO KEY so yeah probably stolen recovery, sucks but at least it appears intact and not stripped. Richard
  3. Not convinced he's legit at all.. where's his truck? Richard
  4. Powerdyne was redesigned and now sold by Torqstorm so you might contact them for info. They may have old stock of spare Powerdyne parts; seems like some people had luck in the past. http://www.torqstorm.com/kits_single_silverado_99-06.html Richard
  5. Doubt it's the same setup he's talking about but GM Performance has a Brembo 16" front (front only!) kit that is marketed for the current K2XX trucks, but *should* fit our GMT800 series trucks as well as GMT900's. It's not cheap at around $2300 or so but with 16" rotors and 6 piston calipers, and being designed FOR trucks by an OEM supplier, they should stop like crazy. I've been wanting to do them to my '06 but the cost has kept me away for now. I would also guess that a 20" wheel may be a limiting factor; might require 22's, not sure - I do recall seeing something in the application notes about the wheel type but they mention RPO codes for the current trucks. By the way, props to Ryan for speaking honestly about the Z06 brake swap. A lot of people won't admit when they've laid out the money and effort for something that just doesn't make much of an improvement. I was a little concerned when I did the Hellcat Brembo 6 piston/15.4" front swap on my 300C SRT8, which replaces the Brembo 4 piston/14.1" front setup. Some claim "it's no different on the street, just good for the track" but I will tell you the car stops REALLY well for 4K+ lbs. The 4 piston setup stopped pretty damn good already but I can tell an improvement. Was it worth the $$$? Tough call, but I'm happy with it! Pic attached for reference - that's a 15.4" rotor inside a 20" wheel; which is my concern about the GM kit with the 16" rotor - MAY NOT fit in a 20" but that's a guess on my part. Richard
  6. Clean it up with a small hone maybe? The ones used for rebuilding drum brake wheel cylinders are inexpensive. Richard
  7. Column doesn't lock the wheel like older generation trucks (gmt400) but there should be an interlock that prevents shifting out of park unless key is on; I believe that's electronic though and integrated with the brake switch circuit. Have you really inspected the column housing closely with a bright light for any physical damage particularly around the lock bore? I thought typical theft damage was drilling out the tumbler lock pin from underneath but that's vague recollection from other posts, haven't fixed one of these columns myself yet - hope I don't ever need to! Richard
  8. Still available new (for now) from GM for about $160 shipped, or you can just screwdriver one off somebody else's bumper like some asshat did to my wife's truck. Haven't replaced it yet though I did take the eraser wheel to the old tape the other day to clean it up. Richard
  9. Pic? Can you pull the rear seat out of the way and use some kind of tool to simply pull the flap back in or is the vent damaged? Richard
  10. Sounds silly but check the fluid level in your master cylinder. If it's below the sensor you'll get those error lights (and a CHECK BRAKE SYSTEM message) as the fluid level moves away from the sensor under hard acceleration/braking. If the fluid is low don't put too much in; some of that low level is just due to wear of the brake pads. Put a little bit in so it covers the sensor and see how it behaves. Then possibly check your brake lines (the hard portions) for leaks as they can be common on the GMT800 series trucks especially in areas where they salt the roads or if it was driven on the beach a bunch, or you live near salt water. And just remember be careful not to spill any on the paint or touch the paint with brake fluid on a rag or your hand; it'll ruin the paint. Richard
  11. Physically, yes. Functionally, no, not without a lot of work - the 4L60 is just another name for the 700R4 which is similar to the 4L60E/4L65E but does not have electronic control that the E trans has. It uses a throttle valve cable to control line pressure and shift points. The newest fullsize truck you'd find the 4L60 on is 1992 and they fit the old school small block. 4L60E can fit but isn't as strong as the 4L65E, and there are also many revisions of the 4L60E over the years that an older one may not be electrically compatible. Best to stick to the 4L65E or have yours rebuilt. Or swap in a 4L80E which is some work but worth it if you're making more power than stock. Richard
  12. Sorry to hear your truck was stolen, glad you were able to get it back - hopefully not too much of a battle to get it right again. As far as the VIN location, the only "legal" original one is on the dash. Since that has been tampered with, to obtain a state-reassigned VIN, the state will have an officer inspect the truck. They will know exactly where to look for other VIN locations. They'll attach a sticker to the vehicle (location will vary) indicating a state assigned VIN and issue a new title based on the new VIN. Sorry if that isn't exactly the answer to your question; I don't know the location, but to the end owner it's not that useful a piece of info because the state is who's gonna inspect it anyway. Richard
  13. Don't forget Fastenal ships large items pretty inexpensively, store-to-store. Their policies are a little weird so if it's a large fragile item it should be crated or they won't insure it. By fragile I mean I know people shipping pinball machines/arcade games with them and it makes me worry.. but for something NOT fragile, they're a good option to check out. Richard
  14. Hey Janet if your truck is an Intimidator it doesn't have SS logo headrests; it has the DEI (Dale Earnhardt Inc.) logo instead. They are limited edition, no doubt, 933 of them made for 2006 and that's it. All the other SS trucks 2003-2007 have SS logos on the headrests. Gonna be hard to find; every once in a while they come up for sale here and they're not cheap. Good luck. These are the Intimidator SS headrests.. Richard
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