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  1. someotherguy


    There's some on ebay right now for $200 used but decent looking, check seller name: wreckcarsonlinecom they're parting out an SS. There's also some new ones on there for $250 from seller sae-auto who are known for carrying a lot of SS parts, though they're definitely getting tougher to find. Richard
  2. someotherguy

    2003 SSS - needs some love

    Thanks - no video needed unless you just wanted others to see it. I've got switchbacks in my 300 and had them in other vehicles, too. What I'm curious about is what your normal engine running voltage is, measured at the battery terminals. I'm pretty sure what's screwing mine up in the SS is the slightly higher than expected voltage when running, as they're fine at plain 12V. It's been a while since I messed with them though as I had to remove them immediately due to the crazy strobe effect. Far as attention, well, this forum is a lot sleepier than years past. Niche audience and will thin out (short term, anyway) as these trucks get older. They're not brand new, and they're not "classic" yet, so they're in that awkward middle range for enthusiasts... Richard
  3. someotherguy

    ISO: OEM rear bumper

    Hey Tim, assuming you're in Houston (713?) You may already know the bumper metal that the cover goes on top of is just a stock Silverado bumper with the plastic trim omitted. I've got a decent top pad and smaller bottom pad, and I might have the corner brackets if I can find em. I need to pack up another top pad and send it to a member here as soon as I can go dig in my storage unit again, so I can check.. Someone posted a link to new OEM covers recently. These parts are getting tough to source so I'd get that cover first. If you're interested in the pads just shoot me a PM. Richard
  4. someotherguy

    Name of these wheels?

    Agreed, probably 22's, and they look like Raceline Speedster 6 although it's tough to tell from that pic Richard
  5. someotherguy

    Not really a build but finishing up a project

    They were probably just gonna grab your whole tailgate but got scared off. Look up what it would cost you to replace the tailgate, wing, lower cladding strip, emblems, and paint.. if you have the Intimidator wing it's a bunch more and nearly impossible to find the OEM one as well as the OEM tailgate Intimidator script (it's narrower/smaller than the door script just by a little.) I've got gate keeper protectors on both trucks because tailgates are a high theft item.. at least around Houston. Richard
  6. someotherguy

    2003 SSS - needs some love

    Curious, which switchbacks are you using? I've got some from DDM in my 300 that work great, but when I tried the same ones in the truck, the running voltage was too high and would cause the white running light function of the switchback to start strobing like crazy after they'd been on a short while. They were fine with the engine off just at 12V battery voltage, but once the engine was running the voltage comes up...especially since these trucks' charging circuit is "smart" and the voltage can run kinda high, the switchbacks would go nuts. For now I've got older-style amber LED's for the turn signals, and white LED's for the DRL's - no switchback on the truck. I guess also if yours are working 100% even after the truck has been running a good long while, not only would the brand/part # of switchback be good to know, but also your actual system voltage measured with a voltmeter at the battery (not the dash gauge.) Thanks! Richard
  7. someotherguy

    Not really a build but finishing up a project

    So this past Tuesday my wife took me to the E.R. and so she parked the SS in the E.R. patient parking right against the building, a few spaces from the ambulance entry door. While we were in there getting tests run, some dirtbag tried to steal the truck. After security checked their cameras, they saw the guy bust out the passenger window, open the door, then got scared and ran down the row several cars and broke into/stole a VW Jetta. This was all broad daylight in a busy area. If he hadn't run off dunno if he would have been able to get past the alarm before someone caught him, but it sure is amazing to me that the dude was able to get away with any of this bullshit. Bright side is no real damage to the truck other than broken glass. Downside is I'm in the hospital and can't do anything about it until I get out, so I have her take the truck home and put it in the garage so it's safe, leave my 300 outside, and then she's driving my black SS instead. Couple days later here's the situation: Hit the boneyard (Williams Auto Salvage) for a used window at a great price ($32.48 with tax, paid for over the phone and they called when it was ready to pick up...) it's even got "OK" tint still on it, just a few scratches in the tint. I'll have it redone later but it's fine for now. Bit of a learning curve for me to put window glass in a GMT800; I can do it on a GMT400 practically in my sleep but these are a very different setup. A bunch of glass vacuumed up, some cuss words later, but no bleeding... All buttoned up with no "spare parts" leftover. Sucks but my wife definitely saw the silver lining...they didn't get the truck. Richard
  8. someotherguy

    Need upper bumper pad, any condition

    I've got two upper pads in decent/decent-ish shape, and a damaged bumper cover.. Throw me a PM with your # and I'll send pics when I get home; I'm at work all night. Richard
  9. someotherguy


    Sounds like a severely overblown estimate. It didn't cost half that to fix mine and that included a full paint job. If you think the truck is fixable (and it looks like it is) and want to keep it, I bet you could get quality work done far below that estimate. Richard
  10. someotherguy


    For what it's worth, I bought mine as a total from the insurance auction and had it repaired. Used GM sheetmetal, got lucky and found a good used bumper cover, NOS rear bed corner cladding and tailgate cladding strip, emblems.. had all the other dents and dings fixed and whole truck painted. Probably have more in it than I'd like to admit but the truck is straight and super shiny. Richard
  11. someotherguy


    Sonofabitch man she just about near took out your house too.. WOW EDIT...WTF are you kidding me this was your 8K mile truck that you had put up for sale? Man, I feel so bad for you. That is terrible Edit again, wow I'm a retread. That post where you had it for sale at 8K miles was from 2007. You sure don't post much here! Richard
  12. someotherguy

    Is this a good deal?

    LOL...I will say it's possible there's nobody there that understands it's not an SS, just because it's a GM dealership doesn't mean there's any actual "car guys" there. SS's are 10+ years old now so anybody that might have had a clue from there has moved on to other jobs... If they were closer to me I'd swing by and show them what an actual SS is. Richard
  13. someotherguy

    Is this a good deal?

    By the way here's a VHO with the correct wheels on it, this is pretty much what that truck would have looked like except in black, and the tube steps are of course aftermarket.
  14. someotherguy

    Is this a good deal?

    That was cool of them to send you the RPO list. The RPO B4V is the key here, the performance edition package. I don't know a lot about them but from what little I do know, it's essentially an SS in disguise, in other words no SS body kit/appearance package, and emblems. It's got the 6.0 engine and should be 345HP like the SS...and it's a torsion bar suspension like an SS (or like a 4x4) even though it's RWD, not AWD. (the 2006-2007 SS's are RWD as well, 2005 was AWD or RWD optional, prior to that the 2003-2004 SS's were AWD only.) Likely the transmission is the 4L65E which is just a somewhat strengthened version of the 4L60E. It may have the 9.5" 14 bolt semifloating rear axle which is stronger than the 8.5" 10 bolt. If so it will have drum rear brakes instead of disc. That's what the RWD SS's got, too. Not 100% sure here but I believe this is the truck commonly referred to as the VHO, though I'd wait for input from the VHO guys and not take my word for gospel on that. If so then the 20" chrome wheels described in the RPO codes may have been stolen, or sold off by a previous owner. They're not the same design as the SS wheels. Richard
  15. someotherguy

    Is this a good deal?

    Well for starters it's not an SS though I'm sure that's obvious to anybody except the sales department that posted the ad calling it an SS. Not sure what all the SLP performance package is supposed to be but at least according to the VIN it did come from Chevrolet with a 6.0 in it. All the details they give on their ad are cut-and-paste and obviously not accurate to the vehicle so you'll have to go see it in person. If it's got an SLP package supercharger under the hood you think they woulda mentioned it. 😉 137K mile truck for 11K but it's a factory 6.0 in a 1500, I guess that's not a terrible deal? Seems to be a well-optioned truck in good condition despite the miles. I'd check it for a repaint and closely inspect the quality of the paint. I do see some questionable things like why is the air bag dark gray instead of matching the interior color? Why is it sitting on stocker wheels with no center caps? If it was a theft recovery you'd think they woulda swiped the leather seats, etc. Richard