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  1. I spy aftermarket clear reflector headlights/signals, give 'em a good look-over and see if you can't seal them up pre-emptively. I had the same ones and they started getting moisture inside and it wrecked the plating in the signal reflectors in a big hurry. Then the clear peeled on the headlights.. I don't recall if they started getting wet inside or not, too. I saved them in case I ever get the balls to bake my OEM replacements open and swap the clear reflectors out. Your truck's coming around nicely! Richard
  2. 2007 Classic available in SS, too. Just not many of 'em.. and yes, RWD only just like 2006. Richard
  3. Can't speak to the other items though they sound good and if a respected SS tuner recommended them....... But I can say that at only 80K-ish miles my 4L65E had worn the separator plate out, so I'd say at 140K yours could probably benefit from replacement. Mine was also shifting stupid hard from 1-2 even at part throttle, so my transmission guy replaced the 1-2 accumulator spring with a different one, softened it up a little, though it's still a bit harsh - I think my PCM has a janky tune on it from the previous owner. It still gave me some odd behavior like a hang before shifting into 2nd (or 3rd? can't remember; it's been a while) and a momentary whining noise under acceleration, the trans eventually gave me warning signs of crapping out around 140K so I had my guy build it. 140K is a long time for a 4L65E to live in an SS, if you ask me; I'm surprised mine lasted that long. It still caught all the gears but had gotten loud and I was depending on it as a daily driver for just under 100 miles a day so I didn't want to wait for it to completely let go. Richard
  4. Sure, it's a lot of money for a little plastic part, but it's also a specialty part that is no longer being made and supplies are getting thin. That applies to just about everything on our trucks that make them an SS instead of "just a Silverado" Richard
  5. 12335694 $138 from gmpartsdirect currently I almost sold my spare one but kept getting haggled down, glad I kept it since some **** stole the one off my wife's truck Richard
  6. My old truck? Not sure what you mean.. I haven't sold my truck, I still own it. So no, the one in that pic is definitely not mine. Richard
  7. Gotta link a pic from an outside service, most forums are this way these days. Hosting costs $$ Richard
  8. Cool, so you bought it? Post up pics...we love 'em...love my Intimidator but it's got a lot more than 56K on it now! Richard
  9. Ah, no prob.. shoot me a PM with your address and I'll throw it in the mail. Richard
  10. In the last couple of years you could order an SS with some stripped-down details like cloth seats instead of leather, I don't know what all options you could delete but I'd be surprised if it included the steering wheel without controls. Take your VIN to the local Chevy dealer and have them print you up a build report on it. If they aren't cool enough to do that for you, you could spend $5 and run it on Compnine. It'll decode all your RPO codes for you and save you the hassle of doing it yourself. Richard
  11. Similar plan but modified a little bit, you could grab a rust-free 1500 and do a 4L80E swap if you want. You're going 2WD anyway so that should simplify your search. Plenty of 2WD ECSB 1500's down here where stuff doesn't rust. Also, going with 2WD as the basis you'd be coil sprung front end instead of torsion bar. Plus, you'd have stuff to sell to defray the cost of the project truck as you pull it in prep for your SS parts. Engine, trans, rear end, interior... Richard
  12. We're both in Houston, dunno what side you're on but I'm in NW. If you just wanna pick it up. As far as the fog lights I made brackets out of flat stock, didn't make any modifications to the truck itself, the holes are just drilled in the brackets I made. Didn't have to move the grilles. Overall I guess the finished product is OK but since the housings are larger than the brake duct grilles there's a lot of light bleed around them, I tried to mask the lens to limit that and it helped. I wish I'd used thicker metal for the brackets though because they do let the housings shake a bit while driving. Richard
  13. For what it's worth, I just dug up both original emblems in my garage and they're part # 15773420 stamped on the back. I replaced them both with billet as both were showing some wear, and one had been plasti-dipped black, when I peeled it off I saw the wear underneath. They seem to all go bad the same way, where the gold paint on the back side peels in spots at the edges and gives it that "old mirror rot" effect. Not very noticeable but it did bug me enough to change them out. If a couple very minor flaws on the back edges don't bug you, you can have the good original I have left. The other one has some weird spot like something melted to it. Could maybe be wet-sanded and polished if you're bored. The Shopman bowties are nice, though I went with the billet w/milled border on both our trucks. Richard
  14. You sure? Even the official GM pics for the Intimidator show a gold bowtie. Looks gold to me, anyway, light gold. Richard
  15. Which two part #'s? When I look em up on gmpartsdirect, even though I've selected 2006 Silverado SS as my vehicle, it gives me two choices for the emblem - with and without SS. If you click the "without SS" selection, it's a GMC emblem...and the "also fits" list includes Silverados. Holy WTF bad data It *looks like* 12335700 is the correct part # and that fits all regular Silverados (2003-2007 classic) and SS's.. for a dealer website the application data looks really, really erroneous all the way around, though. When I got billet bowties for our SS's I just got them for a Silverado and they fit perfectly. Their application listing covered all 2003-2007 classic Silverados. Richard
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