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  1. someotherguy

    WTB stock Silverado SS muffler

    Try looking at the Walker 21576 - I'm not certain but this may be the OEM muffler. http://www.walkerexhaust.com/catalog/walker-exhaust-systems/e-catalog-lookup/21576 25" (28" overall) x 11.75" x 8.5", dual 3" inlets that are offset; single 3" outlet. About $160 through Rockauto. Once my wife gets home I could try climbing under our silver '06 and see if any of the OEM part numbers are visible. Her truck has the factory exhaust that was off my '06 Intimidator. Richard
  2. someotherguy

    Intermediate steering shaft revisited in 2017

    Which other ones are you looking at? Dorman? They can't even make a molded rubber hose that doesn't fall apart in a few thousand miles, so I don't know if I would trust them for steering parts. GM has redesigned this shaft several times so that tells me for whatever reason it's not easy to get it right; I've got right at 10K miles now on the replacements that I listed earlier and so far so good - of course it could be right at that fateful 10K mark where they're going to go bad again like Distracted's did. Borgeson offers a shaft indicated for 1999-2008 trucks, not sure how that works but they do seem to make quality parts. It's $225 list; you can find it for about $190 if you shop around. Part # 000937 But beware - as with pretty much anything, there are some negative reviews out there saying it failed early... So GM can't get it right, Borgeson can't get it right, I wouldn't bet money that Dorman's team of chimps can do better...nor would I bet on that super cheap "Ultra Super Duper Whatever" brand. Tough call, but I'd spend the just under $100 for the GM shaft and column bearing. Richard
  3. someotherguy

    Starter life?

    Probably just luck of the draw one way or another. When I checked the battery it was sitting right at 12.5V, don't have a load tester but I don't really suspect the battery anyway. Figure at 90K-ish I can go ahead and just throw a starter at it so I ordered a brand new Remy, screw parts house rebuilds. Original can go to a starter shop for a rebuild and sit on the shelf for when the other truck needs one. There's still a few real rebuilding shops here around Houston.. Richard
  4. someotherguy

    Starter life?

    Got about 90K on the truck now and my starter is running slowly like the battery is little bit low. Fairly new high quality battery, new OEM GM negative cable (old one had some acid damage seeping down into the cable from the previous battery), and not too long ago I put a brand new GM alternator on it - so I don't suspect the charging system. After the truck sits overnight I'm going to hit the battery with a meter and be sure it's charged up so I can rule that out. Dunno how long it's been doing this; I usually remote start the truck while I'm in the house so I wouldn't have heard the starter spinning slow. Richard
  5. someotherguy

    Timbren install issue

    Sounds like wrong part for the application. Those are listed for a regular Silverado, not an SS. The SS is a couple inches lower than a regular Silverado. Timbren says there should be a 1/2" to 1-1/2" gap (unloaded) between the axle and their part. If I recall the SS drop is 2" over a regular Silvy so that's already exceeding the gap that Timbren wants to see. Richard
  6. someotherguy

    Interior door handles

    Are they GM or aftermarket? If GM and no damage I'll take them, pm me your info. Thanks Richard
  7. someotherguy

    DIC Issues

    Bad solder joints inside the cluster. I've fixed several GM clusters where the display goes out, haven't had to work on a Silverado one yet for that problem but the root cause is likely the same. If you're handy with electronics solder work, it's not difficult...otherwise, send it out to a cluster repair service. Richard
  8. someotherguy

    ring gear question

    The 10 bolt used in your truck is an 8.6" ring gear. The 9.5" is in the 14 bolt used on RWD 2005-2007 SS. Richard
  9. someotherguy

    DUB Baller S116

    Thanks for the compliments! I kinda liked those Dubs but I replaced them with Centerline Stingrays later. Still on the fence which I like better but the Centerlines are noticeably lighter despite the larger tire I'm running on them (285/40/22) Those were fairly new aftermarket pieces with the clear reflectors. The clearcoat on the headlights failed in about a year (big patches just peeling off, could probably sand/polish and re-coat them though) but the park lamps leaked so the plating inside began flaking. I went back later with OEM GM headlights and park lenses and in a year the clearcoat on those is failing too, lots of crackly-looking crap and patches peeling off. Unfortunately you can't win anymore with headlights, all of it including brand new GM is Chinese crap. Richard
  10. someotherguy

    DUB Baller S116

    Yep 22x9.5 +31 offset, that's what these are: Tire size in pics is a 265/40/22 which I chose based on my plans to drop the truck. They were still too small really and should have gone with the 285/40/22 like Tony from TBSSOwners suggested. BTW the pic is misleading, the wheels normally have a matte finish. The detail guys absolutely smothered them in tire shine in these pics... Richard
  11. someotherguy

    Tire recommendations for stock SS rims?

    Too wide of a tire for that wheel width, recommended for 9.5" wheel. Looks meaner but less traction potential than a properly-sized tire, and will also probably handle poorly (sidewall rollover in hard cornering) and wear poorly. The 285 is slightly better at recommended for a 9" wheel... Richard
  12. someotherguy

    Ceramic coated now

    Been wanting to do this with mine. Hoping it will make maintaining the shine easier...my truck gets stupid dirty quick and I have very little time for detailing. Richard
  13. someotherguy

    Man this place is dead!

    The funny thing is social media with people using "real names" was supposed to keep everyone civil, for the most part. Yet facebook knockoffs of web forums is where more jackassery happens than on the forums themselves, seems to almost always be the case! The forum may be slow by comparison but I'll stick with it for better quality conversation.. Richard
  14. someotherguy

    Cab mount position #'s?

    I usually try to get the GM part # and do a bunch of searching. Prices can vary a lot on some items, not so much on others. You'd be surprised. Just watch out for S&H fees from some of those dealers; GMPD is a bit notorious for gouging there. Richard
  15. someotherguy

    Oh hell...

    Hey when I got it for her I told her, it's your truck. But if I start finding rubber stuck to the rear wheelwells she's gonna be buying her own tires from now on. Richard