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  1. That reply is from 2016, trust me those badges are long gone. When I was rebuilding my truck in 2015 they were already hard to find. The larger scripts for the doors were fairly easy then but the slightly smaller one for the tailgate was tough. These days I think all you'll find are the crummy copies (puffy/shiny vinyl sticker things) that are all the same size. If you do find some real ones be ready to pay. $$$$ Also this forum has been completely overrun with spammers to the point almost no real members ever visit anymore. Plenty of good information here in the older posts but if you want a forum that has real people instead of just spam bots you might look elsewhere like performancetrucks forums (they do have an SS/VHO section but it's sleepy.) Richard
  2. Hey Richard, I see you’re very knowledgeable on Silverado SS so I was wondering  if you could help me out I’m looking for a 2006 replacement part for the axel I have the 14 bolt 6 lug drive side axel is bent and need a replacement 

  3. (would've sent this in PM but it says you can't receive PM's) Hey, good to see someone from the moderators team active on the forum after what seems like a total absence for a while. Anything we can do about the spam bot takeover? It looks like some of it has been squashed, but a few sections are still overrun with it. For a while there the only new posts or replies anywhere were all spam, which makes the forum look dead to the world. I had reported several in the past but nothing was ever done so I just quit reporting. Thanks, Richard
  4. You're better off not using a Dorman axle anyway. I don't even trust the cardboard their crap comes in. They might offer a few useful parts but I'm not sure what they are.. And yes, your SS has a locking rear differential, you'll see the G80 RPO code on the service parts ID (SPID) label in your glovebox. It's the Eaton Gov-Loc unit. Since you have the cover off and will be needing to re-fill the gear oil, it's a great time to bring up this is not a posi unit, so don't put any posi additive in with the gear oil on re-fill. Just use plain 75W90 synthetic gear oil, as indicated by GM in your owner's manual. Richard
  5. From "Duke75140" on GM-trucks dot com forums: "I used to fix a ton of these for the local Chevrolet and GMC dealers when I worked in a body shop. Start with the glass closed and latched. From the inside, door open or closed, lightly push out on the glass. If there is noticeable movement then the latch is not pulling the glass down tight enough to seal it. Now, continue at your own risk because you can break the window latch. Pull loose the upper part of the trim panel to gain access to the latch area. Disconnect the glass from the latch if you can but it is not absolutely necessary. Now, we used an extra large pair channel locks (or slip-joint pliers) heavily taped because it will scratch the paint and gall the plastic latch. The "lower" jaws of the pliers will go all the way to the metal "flange" where the window frame is glued. The "upper" jaws go over the latch but off to the side a little so you are not on the little bar where the window snaps in. Be careful to not be on the outer seal either. Now basically all you want to do is roll the latch toward the inside of the truck. It doesn't take much. Too much force will break the latch. When done properly there should be very little movement when you push on the glass from the inside. I would say this fixed 80% or more of these wind noise complaints." There's also some latch fix-it kits for sale on ebay that you could try. I wouldn't bother though unless there's movement in the window as described by Duke ^^^ if the window isn't moving then the noise is probably coming from elsewhere. The latch fix is a slightly longer latch piece to pull the window in a bit tighter, vs. bending the latch inwards as Duke describes. Two different methods to achieve the same result. Richard
  6. Don't personally know but recommend you ask over on performancetrucks dot net instead, as this place has been totally taken over by spammers. They even are spamming each other at this point. No responses from admins (nonexistent I suspect.) Richard
  7. Advice at this point is just move on over to Performance Trucks, they have an SS-related subforum on there that is kinda sleepy but the forums in general are pretty active. And they actually monitor spam reports and kick out asshats like the one that is filling this site full of spam/malware links Richard
  8. I gave up reporting spam posts a while back because the ones I reported are still here. Just sent a message to the "admins" but looks like nobody's paying much attention anymore, if at all. It's too bad. Richard
  9. See, there's the most recent, and prolific, pole smoker of the bunch..
  10. NOW.. the site has officially died. No attention paid to spam reports.. there's spam posts happening right now, plus many that have just existed for months and months, never getting deleted. Sucks.. there's more new spam posts than new posts from real members Richard
  11. I'd take a real close look at the current stock ride height before worrying about which kit or parts you're gonna buy. A 2/4 drop might be typical on a regular Silverado, but the SS is already closer to level ride height than a non-SS. Might be why the kits you're finding aren't what you expect. Richard
  12. Welcome, sounds like a cool project - and I'm sure you'll be able to recoup a lot of your investment selling off the SS-specific parts as all that stuff is in demand. Even if the body kit is beat up and brackets rusty, etc. don't trash any of it before seeing if someone can use it. I'm no expert by any means but the difference between the SS and a regular Silverado 4WD is not much, in terms of chassis. Obviously the transfer case is AWD instead and the ride height is a bit lower, but it's otherwise a Silvy 4WD with the torsion bar front end setup. Throw up some pics.. let's see what you're working with! Richard
  13. cool story bro
  14. Wish I had better info for you. Best of luck on your trip! And while I really hate to point anyone away from this forum, it really has pretty much died off in the last couple years.. I still visit, participate where I can, and hope others will too. However, I'm on several forums, and one that is a lot more active and relevant to our trucks is performancetrucks dot net - it's definitely more geared towards modified trucks than stock, but there are a lot of knowledgeable people there (and some of 'em are on here, too.) You might check it out. Richard
  15. It happened to me one time and one time only (knock on wood) on my 2006 when it had maybe 80K or so on it, and cycling the key made it go away. I looked into it a little bit as it worried me that it might pop up again, and all I could find online were mentions of throttle body problems, but none of them seemed to have confirmed it was the solution. If you do some creative net searching you might turn up better info than I found a few years back. Since your CEL is on, you should be able to pull some codes and see what it's telling you, might be helpful. Easy enough to spend a few bucks on even a simple code reader - I've got the BAFX Products bluetooth reader (under $25 and connects more reliably to everything I've used it on vs. the cheaper ELM327 readers), and Torque Pro app for android, $5.99 last time I looked. Richard
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