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  1. Should be # 12335769 for 2003-2007 SS. Dunno why the non-SS is a different # (12335700) because they appear to fit the same but I guess the appearance is different somehow? Richard
  2. Man...Houston has always been a big city with big city problems but this crime bullshit has gotten out of hand. Petty crime, serious crime, doesn't matter, these maggots are out just doing whatever the hell they please. If they're not trying to steal the whole truck, they're just stealing pieces off the ****. Probably some time yesterday this happened. Someone pried the step pad off my wife's truck. Didn't just fly off from old tape; you can clearly see all the marks where they screwdrivered the crap out of the bumper. Thanks, you worthless pieces of shit. Go die in a fire somewhere.. Richard
  3. I swear to you the very next night I saw another black SS, on the Brownsville Express... 😉 in other words, pulling some POS on a tow bar, with another tow bar on that pulling yet another POS, and 2 dirt bikes and misc. junk crammed into the bed, on the way to the border! Tried to get a pic but I was getting off I-10 in some heavy traffic w/Friday night drunks all around, so I had to keep rolling. Richard
  4. I think it was Thursday morning? Headed North on the West Beltway.. saw a really clean '03 SS, looked mostly stock other than a bed lid and ventshades. Yeah if you're in here that was me next to you in the black Intimidator SS covered in daily driver filth and sounding like a dump truck since my passenger side cat finally cratered. We were a mini-SS convoy for several miles in that rotten traffic until I broke for I-10. Then later that night West end of downtown - Brazos street maybe? around the clubs - saw another black SS, I had the light so I didn't get a chance to gauge what year, but from a glance it looked like a nice truck, too! I almost never see two SS's at the same time except at home. 😉 Richard
  5. Any GMT800 truck with RPO DL3 would be a donor but IIRC those are only on the high-end trim level trucks (check high end Tahoes/Suburbans/etc.) Power adjust, power fold, heated, signal, puddle light, auto-dim (driver's side - also called "light sensitive")... They're damn expensive new from the dealer, over $500/ea if you can find 'em. Richard
  6. Cloth seats yes; if you decode the VIN it's probably detailed in one of the RPO codes. I don't know about lack of console but that's probably an RPO that's missing from the regular expected SS list - also means it won't have a Bose stereo as there's no place for the amp/subwoofer setup. Some of the last couple year SS's were available somewhat stripped of options. There's pics of a few SS's with the cloth seat setup here on the forum; if you search 'em out you'll probably get your answer on the console too. Richard
  7. That CL ad is for an 8 lug rear tho.. so he's gonna need appropriate axles and rotors, too. And with 170K miles out of a 2500HD it may have been worked hard.. I'd rebuild it completely while apart. $$$ definitely 14 bolt is a solid upgrade, though Richard
  8. I know it's a long shot but anybody have a good used passenger side cat that will fit a 2006 SS? Want to deal locally around Houston TX since shipping would likely destroy a used one as they'd just toss it around. Hoping for a simple bolt-on swap for my rattling one instead of paying the muffler shop to chop and weld a new one, although that's probably what I'm gonna have to end up doing. Figured I'd look for a good used one first. EDIT - apparently this part # is same across several applications, including all the 6.0 Silverados from 2006 back to 2001, and the 8.1 trucks too - who knew? (assuming the dealer's app info is correct) Thanks! Richard
  9. Wow, I think we both overlooked that, sorry! I'd say don't sweat the trans then. Richard
  10. 4L80E swap, once you start making any real power, you're just throwing money away trying to build up a 4L6x. This has been proven time and time again by people spending thousands and thousands on "built" 4L6x transmissions. Richard
  11. No bluetooth instead? I hate cords.. Anyway I've seen some USB sockets that replace the lighter, barrel style with a nut on the back so they "bolt in" like the original lighter socket they're replacing. You connect power to them and charge your devices. I would bet there's the same style product out there that is simply a USB extension you can hook the head unit to, just might take some creative search terms to weed out the ones that are simply power outlets. Richard
  12. The DRL bulbs burn out a lot quicker than most since they burn hot. Have you checked the bulbs first? Replacement # is a 4114 for the correct ones. I threw some $10 LED replacements in there and they held up reasonably well for about 8 months but one of them finally cratered when one of the contact legs broke loose from its solder joint, which can happen when they solder those stiff wires directly to the circuit boards inside the assembly, they get stressed when you shove 'em in the socket. New headlights are a crapshoot. Normally I'd say go with real GM but they're made in China now and the quality sucks, especially for the higher price. They haze/yellow (and even peel) quickly, and in 2-3 years they'll look like ass with a bunch of tiny cracks you can't sand/polish out. TYC is usually known for making decent quality aftermarket lenses; you can search the net for who has the best price on 'em. Richard
  13. Yep that's right off the rack at the auto parts store in the bling section. Silverado SS is limited edition already of course, but they didn't come with a badge like that. Richard
  14. Every once in a while I've seen an auction for the OEM seat leather, but I don't know how commonly available it is. You might check out leatherseats.com and see what they can do for you. I can't remember if it was here on SS forums or another truck-related forum (maybe PT.net?) that someone said their stuff was nice. Richard
  15. You'd think one of the wheel repair shops would know. I really don't personally know so I didn't want to jump to comment...but it seems to my un-educated self that the center being a different finish is probably a step done before they weld the center to the hoop. :/ Richard
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