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  1. The GMT800 trucks with the 8.1 probably use the same mounts, so just look those up.. Don't think anybody has done an old school big block in a Silverado SS, but hey, nothing stopping you but time, money, and sweat! Richard
  2. Welcome! I hear ya; I *kinda* want to like the first few years of the K2XX trucks but man they seem to have some annoying issues and I just don't have the spare time to figure that mess out on my own. Buddy has a 2014 High Country in black and it look great, reminds me a bit of the 88-98 styling which I love, but I've driven it and not sure if I'd be happy replacing my SS with one. Richard
  3. Wow, that's crazy.. I could probably get those pics for you in the next couple days if nobody else steps up. I work kind of a stupid night schedule so finding free time can be tricky. In the meantime, you should throw us some pics of your Tahoe swap to get us goin' Richard
  4. Just an update, those "Partsam" DRL LED's, and the "Alla Lighting" flashing 3rd brake LED's, crapped out in about a year's use. In fairness, I was doing a lot of daytime driving so the DRL's were running a lot in the Texas heat, and lots of heavy traffic, so those 3rd brake LED's were on a lot. It just confirms my attitude that while I love LED's, they do not last as long as we think they should. The individual LED devices don't really fail (unless they take a voltage spike), but the assemblies fail. They get hot, and solder joints come un-done, and it's not like you can fix 'em. The DRL's were cheap enough (like $12 for the pair) so I just bought another set. For the 3rd brake LED's I just put some plain non-blinking red LED's in there that I had sitting around from something else. Anyway, thought I'd mention it in case anybody else was planning to buy these based off my previous posts. Oh, the Autolumination projector LED's in the taillights have been going strong for years...so at least there's that! Richard
  5. Yeah, no.. not clicking your spam or malware link, thanks
  6. I'll bite. Besides being trucks made by Chevrolet and initially only offered in black, there's not much the same. The 90-93 trucks were called 454 SS not Silverado SS. They were regular cab, RWD, big block 454 (7.4L) engine and from the GMT400 body style. 03-07(classic) Silverado SS are extended cab, AWD (and later RWD) LQ9 6.0 engine, and GMT800 generation.. Richard
  7. Nice work giving that truck the love it deserves... I had to put a bedside on mine too, but because it had been crashed (bought the truck from CoPart auction) - I got the GM "complete" bedside with the inner panel too, because the taillight housing was crunched just enough that my body shop guy needed it. He still separated the inner/outer and didn't use most of the inner piece, but that also retained my spray-in liner, dude did an awesome job. The LED tails are cool, I did the ones that sort of mimic the late model with the "bracket" but later decided they looked a little too ricey for my taste, and went back with TYC copies of the originals, and filled 'em up with really bright projector style LED's. Also did the 3rd brake light with an OEM lens and LED's in it. Takes a little experimenting with different brands/models of LED and resistors to make everything play nice on a GMT800 truck but so far, so good on mine. Richard
  8. I spy aftermarket clear reflector headlights/signals, give 'em a good look-over and see if you can't seal them up pre-emptively. I had the same ones and they started getting moisture inside and it wrecked the plating in the signal reflectors in a big hurry. Then the clear peeled on the headlights.. I don't recall if they started getting wet inside or not, too. I saved them in case I ever get the balls to bake my OEM replacements open and swap the clear reflectors out. Your truck's coming around nicely! Richard
  9. 2007 Classic available in SS, too. Just not many of 'em.. and yes, RWD only just like 2006. Richard
  10. Can't speak to the other items though they sound good and if a respected SS tuner recommended them....... But I can say that at only 80K-ish miles my 4L65E had worn the separator plate out, so I'd say at 140K yours could probably benefit from replacement. Mine was also shifting stupid hard from 1-2 even at part throttle, so my transmission guy replaced the 1-2 accumulator spring with a different one, softened it up a little, though it's still a bit harsh - I think my PCM has a janky tune on it from the previous owner. It still gave me some odd behavior like a hang before shifting into 2nd (or 3rd? can't remember; it's been a while) and a momentary whining noise under acceleration, the trans eventually gave me warning signs of crapping out around 140K so I had my guy build it. 140K is a long time for a 4L65E to live in an SS, if you ask me; I'm surprised mine lasted that long. It still caught all the gears but had gotten loud and I was depending on it as a daily driver for just under 100 miles a day so I didn't want to wait for it to completely let go. Richard
  11. Sure, it's a lot of money for a little plastic part, but it's also a specialty part that is no longer being made and supplies are getting thin. That applies to just about everything on our trucks that make them an SS instead of "just a Silverado" Richard
  12. 12335694 $138 from gmpartsdirect currently I almost sold my spare one but kept getting haggled down, glad I kept it since some **** stole the one off my wife's truck Richard
  13. My old truck? Not sure what you mean.. I haven't sold my truck, I still own it. So no, the one in that pic is definitely not mine. Richard
  14. Gotta link a pic from an outside service, most forums are this way these days. Hosting costs $$ Richard
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