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  1. someotherguy

    How to install your Fog Light wiring to Factory Switch

    And now with some LED bulbs in the fogs to match the HID's a little better I picked up some simple LED's for the DRL's figured I'd put the relay back in for them but it was too dark for me to be sure I had them plugged in the right way, and my LED flashlight wouldn't fool the sensor on the dash...lol...little project for tomorrow. Richard
  2. someotherguy

    WTB: SS Rear Bumper

    At this point in the game you'd have to be pretty lucky to find one that doesn't need some work. 10+ years ain't kind to bumpers especially plastic ones. Cover can still be had new from GM (if they're actually in stock) for around $350-$375 and sometimes plus a ridiculous amount of shipping depending on which dealer it comes from; some are fair and others are clearly padding their lower prices with insane shipping. Then of course gotta paint it. Upper and lower step pads add more expense too (about $300 for both.) Don't forget the correct smooth tag light housings (can be had from LMC cheap) and the spare tire access cover. As far as I know the brackets are not available new anywhere. You probably already know this but the actual metal bumper underneath the cover is just a regular Silverado bumper, can be found anywhere. I've got a cover that needs some work, also good upper/lower step pads...and I wanna say the small metal brackets from the corners maybe. Houston TX area. Have had some people try to buy it but they play too many games so it's just sitting in my storage unit. Richard
  3. someotherguy

    Centerline Tomcat wheels???

    If they're 20's they will almost surely be lighter than your stock SS wheels. The ones on the wife's truck definitely are. 22's on the other hand...even Centerlines are pretty heavy; no way around it. Richard
  4. someotherguy

    Centerline Tomcat wheels???

    If you google image search "centerline tomcat" there's a whole bunch of pics of them on Silverados/Sierras. They're not a bad looking wheel, just be sure they're not bent anywhere (check the edges closely) or show signs of repair from cracks. If they were run with low pros at any point in their life it's really easy to bend them; I've passed up a bunch of used Centerlines because of this. You might see a couple variations on the design as Centerline did that sometimes. Like I've got 22" Stingrays on my truck, and 20" Stingrays on the wife's truck...the triangle cutouts are way smaller on hers, though I've seen other sets of 20's in that design with larger cutouts that match my 22's. Richard
  5. someotherguy

    How to install your Fog Light wiring to Factory Switch

    Thanks, pretty happy with it so far. Also considering Plasti-Dip to mask the lens as it would let me cover the sides of the lens way easier than vinyl. Figure I can mock 'em back in there and easily mask off the area to not coat and then get to it. Richard
  6. someotherguy

    How to install your Fog Light wiring to Factory Switch

    Had a set of nice OEM housings and the switch from 1Fastbrick sitting around here forever; finally got around to doing mine today, used the bracket info given in this post -> http://www.silveradoss.com/forums/topic/86458-how-to-install-your-fog-light-wiring-to-factory-switch/ - my truck being an '06 the factory wiring is already in place so I just needed to make brackets and add the parts. I used plain 1 x 1/8" steel flat bar to make the brackets. Thought about using aluminum and it probably would have been fine at that thickness, but I wanted to be sure they wouldn't flex at all. Used cutoff wheel to zip off some 5" sections then drilled the holes 1/4" with one end a little offset as shown in that thread, then cleaned up all the edges with the die grinder. Even with the 1/8" thickness I was able to attach them without issue using the studs poking up from the bumper cover brackets above the brake ducts. I used stainless fasteners since they sit right above the lens, didn't want moisture causing any rust to drip down on them. Mocking up the bracket using a piece of cardboard just to be sure First set made, checking the fit and operation Side view behind the brake duct, I think I want to cut out some vinyl to cover up the excess lens area and prevent light bleed-through around the duct Other set made, both lights in place and operating Popped 'em back apart to paint the brackets to prevent rust, now that I know they fit how I want them to Easy job...next up I'll order either some high power LED's or maybe HID's to go in them; probably go with LED as HID seem to be obnoxiously bright in this application. Richard
  7. Cruising craigslist and saw this -> https://houston.craigslist.org/cto/d/2004-chevy-silverado-vho-60/6757761266.html 2004 VHO for $5200, high miles at 220K but truck looks great for the miles, and unmolested. Says new trans (GM, not rebuilt), new heads, new radiator.. Richard
  8. someotherguy

    07 SSS color options????

    Arrival Blue was dropped for 2005 and replaced with Silver Birch Metallic. Richard
  9. someotherguy

    Lift a ss ?

    There's another member here but can't remember his name, he's got a red SS lifted. If I spot him I'll post back. Richard
  10. someotherguy

    My lifted SS

    LOL...that's Louisiana for ya baby! Richard
  11. someotherguy

    5th ward Houston

    It's a complicated and boring story but in short, my regular truck was down over the weekend so I used a truck that is normally for a driver that works during the week. When I was done I had to drop it off where he usually picks it up, which meant towing my SS over there so I could go home afterwards. Richard
  12. If you ordered 39-4175 and they sent you a regular Silverado grille, then they screwed up filling the order. According to a couple dealer parts sites, the GM part # for the 2003-2005 SS grille is 19168630 but you should call them up and be sure before laying out the bucks. The site says it comes primed, not painted. 1Fastbrick knows a million times more about SS stuff than I do though so the site may be wrong as they sometimes can be; however if I look up a grille for my 2006 which is different, they do show them in the different available colors and the 2006-2007 grille was the one he mentioned coming already painted.
  13. someotherguy

    5th ward Houston

    Oh yeah, it's been a great truck for the last 20K I've owned it, just crossed 100K miles. Only times it's ever let me down was the previous battery crapped out and leaked down through the negative cable corroding it, and a few weeks ago the starter gave up. New AC Delco cable, new (not rebuilt) AC Delco starter, and a Odyssey AGM battery have things back in shape. I have to tow it every now and then and I hate doing it because I figure people see it going down the road like that and think it's broke down. 😉 Richard
  14. someotherguy

    5th ward Houston

    The one in the second pic, ya. Nothing wrong with it...just had to drop the work truck off and head home. One of our trucks was down so we did some swapping around. Richard
  15. someotherguy

    5th ward Houston

    Well these are things I wonder and worry about Mine can be towed that way since it's RWD...and the lights go up on the roof so any tiny scratches they might make aren't right there on the hood. Good lord my truck is filthy. But I drive it every day through a literal shitbath of dirt/dust/mud because there's a huge construction site right by where I work and there's no road I can go around on, so I gotta drive right through it. Richard