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  1. QuickStyle

    cv axle spacer when lowering

    well i added 1 inch spacers on each side and the axles still had enough play in them to where they aren't binding up. i put maybe 30 miles on it like this over the last 2 weeks. seems to be ok. part number for the spacers is 10805 made by tuff country.
  2. QuickStyle

    DR44G Alternator

    when i did my dual electric fan swap, i swapped to the 145amp alternator and the 8 gauge charging wire was getting so hot it would burn my hand and would never go past 13 volts. swapped it out for a 4 gauge and now its only warm to the touch and runs around 14.4 volts.
  3. did a 2/4 drop on my awd with spindle and shackle/hangers a couple months ago. yesterday the left front axle inner joint popped off. from what ive gathered on here is 2 inch's is the most you can go without problems. well im having the problem at 2 inches. so i want to install some cv axle spacers cause it appears the joint is being pulled out of the housing, didnt really break anything except for the boot. so what size cv axle spacers should i be running, i was thinking either 0.5" or 1.0"
  4. QuickStyle

    front bumper ducts

    thats what i thought. thanks for confirming.
  5. QuickStyle

    front bumper ducts

    are the from bumper ducts interchangeable from the early years to the later years, do they line up properly? i know the grill part is a different design, just need to know if they will physically interchange. couldn't find the answer while searching. thanks.
  6. QuickStyle

    2/4 drop causing extreme positive pinion angle

    installed 8 degree shims. im now sitting at -1 degrees. looks much better. i thought stock was -5 to -7 degrees, but after verifing a few other 99-06 silverados visually and they all seem to be stock at 0 degrees or so, found one with a 2/4 drop and it had the same -7 angle as mine originally did, so i guess this is normal. i figure -1 degrees should put me at 0 under load at the power level im at, just perfect. not sure why the drop kit doesnt include a shim to correct this.
  7. QuickStyle

    2/4 drop causing extreme positive pinion angle

    do they not make them anymore? i have the front one too
  8. QuickStyle

    2/4 drop causing extreme positive pinion angle

    I would need about 14 degrees of shims to make it correct, seems like a lot. im thinking more along the lines that something is wrong. the kit came with a 1 degree wedge to correct pinion angle, but thats clearly not enough. it came on the truck when i bought it
  9. just did a 2/4 drop on my 04 SS (spindle, shackles, hangers). you can visually tell the driveline and pinion are pointing up, so i check with my angle finder and it calculates out to POSITIVE 7 degrees, i understand a slight pinion angle change can occur, but this is not right. leaf spring rear ends should be NEGATIVE 5-7 degrees. is this something that happens because of the lowering, i didnt measure the angle prior to installing the lowering kit, so i dont know how it was before
  10. QuickStyle

    How to 4l80e swap into AWD Silverado SS

    x2. can someone upload these photos to a permanent source, this is a great write up.
  11. QuickStyle

    headliner and interior trim colors

    thats what i was thinking, but was not sure. i'd probably be ok with the light gray over the shale is their a trim code that i could use to search for the correct color? the trim code on the spid seems to only refer to the all the interior except the parts i need
  12. QuickStyle

    headliner and interior trim colors

    did all of the SS models come with the "shale" headliner and trim piece? i bought my second ss (2004) a little over a year ago and the previous owner had the headliner done in black suede but the trim pieces are still the shale color, im looking to buy them in black to match, i'd prefer to not have to paint these ones. so is there a specific vehicle i could find these piece in black? my first 2003 SS definitely had a black headliner and black trim pieces but i dont have any pictures of that one to prove it, it may have swapped and painted from original, but im now sure.
  13. QuickStyle

    Speed Engineering Long Tubes and Mid-pipes

    im not sure if you are referring to me or not, but i dont spray from rattle cans, i spray from a gun, its real ceramic and it works great on steel, the oldest set of steel that i still have has lasted for about 10 years or so and still looks good.
  14. QuickStyle

    Best Exhaust Setup?

    just to be clear so there is no misinformation here. dual exhaust is perfectly legal in california and will still pass smog. post-cat you can do anything you want to the exhaust. pre-cat the pipes have to be original diameter and cats have to be in original location, tho smog shops aren't going to get under there and measure pipe diameter. so you can run two pipes for dual exhaust off of your cats all the way back if you wanted. i ran mine in stock location dual 3" into two flowmasters, tho mine has long tube headers and no cats, but i can easily bolt on the manifolds and cats to this exhaust. im not sure why you are having trouble getting exhaust done the way you want it. exhaust shops will do anything you want them to except for remove a cat, but if you go in without a cat, they will run the pipes just how you want them.
  15. QuickStyle

    Speed Engineering Long Tubes and Mid-pipes

    thought i would follow up on this post with a set of stainless steel headers i just coated and installed a couple weeks ago. the first pic is from the day i installed them before ever running the engine thru them. the second picture is 4 days of driving with about a total of 4 hours run time. you can see they are already starting to flake. tho i expect these ones to not flake as bad as previous ones i've did because they usually start flaking faster and bigger chunks. i sprayed these ones with a thinner coat than normal, so that might have something to do with it not flaking as bad.