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  1. sounds good just let me know! i know the rear you can choose 1" or 2" drop im not positive about the front. let me know what you decide
  2. if anyone is interested let me know! going to send the kit back if it doesnt sell by friday on here
  3. yes it sure is, if doesnt sell soon ill just be sending it back for a refund. let me know if your interested
  4. here is some pictures Thanks, hopefully i can save someone some money instead of sending them back
  5. I recently bought a belltech 2/2 lowering kit it includes 2" front spindles and 2" rear shackles w/ new street performance shocks for my Silverado SS, everything is still fully brand new in box never installed i actually ended up selling my truck to a friend of mine that didnt want the kit so im either going to have to send it back or offer it to someone on here at a discounted price. I paid $535 Shipped for everything. *Reduced* Asking $450 Shipped Let me know if your interested pics below, everything is brand new. feel free to call or text me at 605-641-2460 Thanks!
  6. Thanks! as for right now nothing to extreme i just put new headlights in along with new smoked led taillights. Just got my belltech 2/2 lowering kit from norcal ss I'm having it put on this week, also have a tune for truck on the way from zippy. Here in the near future I'm going to buy another set of wheels for it and some headers as well. I'm loving the truck! Spearfish is the town I'm in, its the black hills area near Mt. Rushmore
  7. Thanks for the help! Norcal SS I actually ordered the belltech kit from you a few days ago i'll message you about some different bump stops though. Thanks agian for your help!
  8. Ok so im looking to lower my ss its sitting at stock ride height with 22s wrapped in 285/45/22 tires. I wanted to do the belltech 2/2 drop kit with spindles and street performance shocks at first. I tow a Boat that weighs around 4,500 LBS when the boat is hooked up truck squats about 1/2 to 3/4 inch in the rear. has anyone towed somthing similar with that drop kit and 22s, would rear airbags be needed for that? or am I a better off just doing 1" up front with keys and 1" in rear with shackles and new shocks? The truck up front has about 4" of clearance and in the rear has about 4&3/4" of clearance. any input and help would be much appreciated! here is a pic of the truck how it sits now.
  9. Hey everyone, Ive been looking for a silverado ss for the last couple months and just finally picked one up last weekend! I'm already in the love with the truck and have been searching and reasearching non stop for all the parts I want to add to the truck. Its a 2003 SS AWD 68,000 Miles truck is in amazing condition inside and out couldnt be happier with it!
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