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  1. I sent you a message blwnfogger. I found a source for these.
  2. red03


    Selling my Time2Kill Nvg149 4L80E input gear adapter. This is a brand new OEM input gear never been installed. I ordered this from GM Parts Direct then sent it to Time2Kill to be machined.. Just sat on the shelf in my garage. Going to charge what he charges for the machine work plus five bucks for the shipping. Price is $490.00 shipped to your door. Paypal only friends and family or add 3% to cover fees. Thanks for looking.
  3. Is this still available or did it sell
  4. It is a colossal bitch. The spring clip is on the side closest to the tag. Grab the side closest to the tag and push in as hard as you can and they swing out so to speak towards the corners of the bumpers. You are gonna have to push till you think your fingers are gonna break. They are held in by a spring clip type thing on the inside edge. Easiest way to do it is to cup it with your hand, put the heal of your palm on the the back side and squeeze in with your whole hand with all your might
  5. I just wound up buying some oem textured black ones off amazon. Sanded the textreme off myself and had them painted. Came out really nice. Wasn't that bad to sand the texture off either.
  6. red03

    Settle a Bet

    Okay.....not so much of a bet, but more of an argument. My friend recently purchased an Arrival Blue 04 SS. To date his mods are as follows, Longtubes, catless y pipe, shift kit, servos, tru cool 40k, Blackbear Tune, e fans, and just finished up the TBSS intake manifold swap with 36lb flex fuel injectors. He is now wanting to do a camshaft. I told him I thought a good all around off the shelf cam for his purposes would be a BTR Stage 3 truck, or the Vinci Trucker low lift. He found a local who stabbed a Howards Rattler cam in a 5.3. The specs on the Rattler are 226/234 at 050, with a 109 lobe separation angle. He is just wanting to do a 2800 or 3k stall. I think that cam is going to be overkill for that truck. He essentially wants it for sound. Do you guys agree that the Howards cam would be a bad decision? I know some of you run larger cams.
  7. No doubt that they are a bitch to remove, that being said, one has to know what they are doing. Can't just go to jerking. I've had to pull a few off a long time ago when I worked at oreillys to change some. Quick google search remedied that.
  8. Well guys, johnny law recently informed me that i have a tag light out. Got home and had some spare 194 led bulbs that I had planned on sticking in eventually. Searched the forum on tips to remove them as I could not get my fingers in from the back side. So i followed the procedure I found posted. Pulled in from the side closest to the tag and nothing budged, eventually got one started. I couldn't get it any further, but could see the spring clip. So I took my flat head and wrapped it heavily in electrical tape and started prying gently. Eventually it popped free in pieces. Come to find out it had been glued in with some type of black epoxy. I had the bumper re-painted about this time last year. I guess they couldn't figure out how to get them out and just destroyed them in the process. The other side I can see from the inside of the bumper with a flashlight is epoxied in as well. The body shop is a reputable one in my area, not to name drop so to speak, but they painted Dominator and Monza's cars from Street Outlaws (I know that is in not correlated with how good they are at disassembly, but the paint looks flawless). I haven't contacted them yet to see what there thoughts on the matter are, but I get the feeling like there isn't a whole lot they can do as GM no longer produces that part and I haven't been able to locate any online. Will the black textured ones for a non SS bumper fit or are the SS ones specific to that model? Any help or opinions is greatly appreciated.
  9. In search of some tag light housings/bezels, doesnt matter on the color, they can be painted. Hit me up if you have some.
  10. Just my opinion on this, I am by no means an expert, but I would figure your G80 took a crap on you. It really isn't the best piece of the puzzle in the rear end. Id look into a set of OEM gears for it if the gears got chewed up and a TrueTrac or Eaton Posi LSD. I have used Richmond and Motive gears in a couple of past builds, the Richmond whined like crazy, Motive werent bad. Might consider doing a TA girdle with the stud kit. Should be good as gold with those parts. I am also in the same boat as EXGM and do not trust myself to do gear installs so Ive always used the same local shop.
  11. red03

    Tailgate upgrades

    Tailgates in my area disappear left and right. I think they have become some sort of currency for thieves and meth heads. Will definitely be ordering one of the jimmi jammers soon.
  12. I think you guys (and my wife) have me talked into keeping it. While I will say the single cabs hold a special place in my heart, I dont want to take the hit on trading it in. I can usually substantiate keeping it by going out and driving it. I am currently in the process of re-building my 250r with a 363 sphinx engine, so I do have other side projects to keep me busy. If I didnt have a pile of money tied up in the 250r trying to get ready for dune season, Id heavily consider making a trip to DFW and buying 1BAD2K's blower, but Im fixing to shell out around 2500 for the R's engine package. I also know Ill get raped come tax time by Uncle Sam, so no extra money there lol. To top it all off I am at the mercy of the oilfield with my job, so I am trying to save up a pile of money before we inevitably go bust again. Do me a favor gentleman, when your children ask for advice on what they should do when they grow up, tell them to go get a computer related degree of some sort and they will be set for life.
  13. Probably what I will do. Cant decide between a custom grind or an off the shelf. Im tempted heavily by an off shelf grind such as the Vinci Trucker or BTR Stage 3 Truck cam to use in the truck until I go forced induction, then I would get a custom grind blower cam, and yank the off the shelf cam and sell it to someone else. Used off the shelf grinds sell really well in my area.
  14. Quote by my wife, "Tough sh*t honey, I like my heated power seat......and its soooo pretty." Her suggestion was to keep it forever like I had planned, then after we get into a house and get settled, to save up and buy a single cab if I really want one. She thinks that if I supercharge it eventually I wont care about getting another single cab which is probably right. I think she is a keeper lol
  15. Oil changes always done on time by me, guy I bought it off of serviced it like no one Id ever seen before. First transmission filter change was done at 25,000 then at 75,000. At 118,000 I serviced the whole truck, front and rear diffs, transfer case, new pads and rotors all the way around. Truck also has dual electric fans, Blackbear EFI Live Tune, Longtubes, Corsa sport, Shift kit with servos, TBSS intake swap with flex fuel injectors, Volant cai, and the truck has had a Trucool 40K since around 50000 miles added by the previous owner. I have a Time2kill input gear adapter sitting on the shelf, and a 4l80e core in the storage shed. I guess my next step would be a cam or get busy rebuilding that 80e.
  16. Im beginning to consider selling my SS, it recently hit 124,000 on the odometer. The high miles bother me, but at the same time they dont. I wouldnt hesitate to jump in the truck and take off for Florida right now. It is honestly the highest mileage truck I have ever owned though and I am considering getting rid of the truck. My wife wants me to keep it since it is payed off and she loves it, I might drive the truck once or twice a month since I have a company truck. It just sits in the garage. For some reason single cabs have always held a special place in my heart, one of our dealerships has a black 2011 single cab with 54,000 miles on it. I know I would get taken to the cleaners if I went and traded my SS in, probably wouldnt fetch 9000 on a trade in. I would consider listing it on craigslist but the SS dont seem to be selling in our area like they used to. It might sell in a week and it might sell in a year. I am looking into another single cab for track purposes, I know I would be way ahead dumping money into the single cab. I have considered supercharging my SS as I have become bored with it, problem is we are looking into buying a house at the beginning of next year when my lease is up. I cant really just dump 6k on a blower right now since Im trying to save my pennies. Id like some opinions of my fellow SS brethren. I apologize for the long rant, but most of my friends are lifted truck guys who gave me shit in the first place for buying an SS and God forbid you lower a truck, so their opinions are somewhat lost with me.
  17. Zach, Called and spoke with David at Mighty Mouse, had never heard of them until you name dropped. Ordered a can from them and he gave me good instructions on hooking them up. He was patient and answered all my questions. Definitely good guys, David is the reason I chose them over cheaper cans.
  18. Had to pull the intake off to fix the knock sensors, so I decided to do the TBSS intake swap along with the LS6 valley cover swap. Ive read a bunch of info on other forums that mostly pertain to the LS1 swap. From what i have gathered I just need to cap off the fixed orifice pvc on the driver side valve cover, run a hose from the barb on the LS6 cover to the catch can then back to the intake manifold, but my question is what do I do with the port on the passenger side. Should it get capped too? I saw on the sticky for the TBSS intake swap that you have to put a hose barb in the intake tube for the clean side of the pcv system, do I need to go ahead and do that or just cap the thing off. I dont want to cause too much pressure in the crankcase to the point it blows out the rear main seal, should I add a breather on the oil cap as well?
  19. I picked up a complete TBSS intake for 75 bucks (minus throttle body which I already have an 87mm). Ordered the X-link today, will be ordering 8.1L marine 42'lbers on Monday. My question is, Im going to keep the TBSS fuel rails and use the vette filter to fix the return/returnless issues as Im told the vette filter will hook right up and not have to modify fuel lines and all of that nonsense. The overall length I measured on the injectors that came out of the intake were 65mm respectively. Five O motorsports lists the 8.1L marines as 58mm overall length. I will probably be ordering the injectors from Fuel Injector Connection, will I be needing height adapters to make these injectors work? If they end up being a little taller than the factory ones it would be no problem as I could space up the rails I guess with some spacers or shims. Anyone run into this issue? John at FIC told me that they would work and were the same height, but his website does not list the 8.1 marine's overall length. I also considered sending those injectors that came with the intake off and having them re-sized, then I know everything would fit like a glove. Open to opinions on this guys, it would be cheaper to have the factory injectors resized and overhauled. They sat for a while on a shelf at a salvage yard and smell like old gas and have to be gummed up. Also if someone could confirm that the vette filter would fix my fuel line issue that would be great.
  20. What you talkin about Willis, I orrdered mine, been waiting on these for a while now. Last piece I needed to complete my exterior.
  21. I hit him up a while back and was told he would be making some more in the winter after he got his shop setup. Dont want to write him off yet but it is spring and Im beginning to wonder lol. That is the last piece I need to "finish" the exterior of my SS.
  22. Waiting on these as well.
  23. Hells to the yeah. Only thing missing from completing my exterior
  24. Looking to buy a shopman bowtie if anyone has a spare. PM me back if available. Thanks!
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