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  1. That sounds like a really nice setup! Mine is awd also so your experience helps a lot. How's the front diff holding up?
  2. Which model magnacharger did you go with? What kinda power did you end up making? And what supporting mods? Being able to install it myself would be awesome, kinda help with the sneak attack I'm launching against my buddies LS swapped chevelle. Lol
  3. What kind of power were you making at 12-15 psi? I know you said stock block but what supporting mods were done?
  4. I'd like to gather some opinions on the p1sc head unit from people that have used one on these trucks. Reliable? Ease of install? What kinda power can I expect? What supporting mods are needed to get the most from it? Streetable? Light towing? I've done some research and am leaning towards the procharger but not dead set on one. Just seems like the easiest way to get a big improvement in power. Here is the setup I'm looking at although it is doubtful that it'll be ordered from eBay. http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&alt=web&id=281712546503&globalID=EBAY-US Details on the truck. Bone stock 2003 awd with 160,000 miles currently my daily driver but that's gonna change. Miles isn't really a factor as I will be freshening up the engine before adding a forced induction setup. Thanks in advance for any help or direction provided.
  5. Haha! Guess I should've clarified that. Unfortunately it was not the factory wheels that were on it. It had aftermarket chrome that the chrome was in horrible shape. For the record, it would still be wearing the factory wheels if I could've gotten them. Lol
  6. What's up guys and girls! Just wanted to stop in and introduce myself. My names Chris and I'm from Northeast KY. I just recently bought a truck that I've lusted after for years! It's a 2003 Siverado SS, 6.0, AWD. I was actually at the dealership the day it came in on the transporter but being 20 year old kid with bad credit I was turned down on the purchase. Lol. Spent the next 11 years watching the truck being paraded around town and parked in plain sight seemingly to tantalize me, then one day about a year ago it disappeared off the face of the earth and I thought all was lost. Turns out that it got traded in and sold in a neighboring county but came back up for sale locally about a month ago. The rest is history as it's now a permanent resident of my driveway! I've already started modding it by changing out the exhaust and dumping it at the rear axle and swapping the hideous set of wheels that came with it for a set of black Raceline's. Motor mods are next on the agenda as soon as I figure out how to do what I want without killing the towing ability since I occasionally pull a smaller boat, and a 1,500#sxs. Here's an obligatory pic of how it sits now!
  7. Still have this? What else would I need to buy to install?
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