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  1. Does anyone know where I can get a 10 rib belt that is 114.5 in Long? I have a procharger and a 10 rib set up but now the biggest belt i can find is 111.5. Thanks for any help.
  2. Ok sorry we figured that we would have to upgrade but we were seeing what others have done. There are many ways of doing this. I have seen sumps, i have seen aeromotive making dual and single pumps that should reach that. I have also seen holley making a pump. Just trying to see what others have done and had success with.
  3. Ok guys thanks for the help so far. Looks like its time to call aeromotive about a dual pump upgrade. What is everyone running? Looks like aeromotive has a nice in tank deal Part number 18309. What about rails? You guys using stock rails or upgraded ones of those also? We wont be running it lean. We are tuning in house here.
  4. Ok guys I am new here. Just got my SS a few months ago and now its time for major upgrades on this truck. Ill start with what i know about the truck. It has be bored over .30 with some wiseco pistions and LS3 heads. We have full exhaust no cats. It has a crower stage 2 camshaft. It has arp bolts throughout the motor with the heads being studded. Has a C5 Throttle body and a Escalade Gen 4 intake. That is what is suppose to be on or in this motor. Bought it this way. Well that isnt enough so I have a D1 procharger for it. We are using ATI 10 rib belt set up with 7% overdrive on the crank. We are using a 3 70 pulley on the D1 according to procharger it should have 96% of output with this set up. We are hoping between 17-20 Psi of boost. We are going to use Fast 85 lb injectors and run a snow performance water/meth setup on this. Now the real question is will the stock fuel pump handle this or do we need to upgrade pumps. Has anyone done this and do they know the answer. We are think we should be around 8-900 HP when all said and done with this truck. Can someone help? Thank you
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