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  1. Yes sir. The must use a smooth black protector.
  2. Did you verify it would fit what you are putting it in? Because it will not work on the gmt800s per aeroforces website
  3. Hopefully not. Didn't know much about them so thanks for the heads up! I'll scrolled through the list and noticed it fit a lot of later models so someone may grab it...
  4. It is. Says cn201v3.7 On the back of the gauge.....
  5. Well seems as if it would be the cn series gauge as it came out of an 06 tbss. So may not work in an SSS after all... Good call. Thank you sir. Guess I'll throw it on eBay being it won't work in a silverado...
  6. had a buddy owe me some cash, so he gave me an Aeroforce interceptor scan gauge. pretty neat little setup but I don't need it as I have an autocal. came out of his TBSS. seems to work as its supposed to. he said it worked flawlessly. figured I would check here first before it goes to ebay.... 150.00.
  7. how much for the passenger rear door shipped to 75652? gonna cost me 400 to have it repaired from the jack ass trying to steal it...
  8. Would you be willing to sell the door handles?
  9. doesn't look like its gonna happen man. have too many other things that are a priority. sorry bud.
  10. are the oem ones aluminum by chance? if so, polish them bad boys. that's what I was planning on doing but didn't want to jack em up if they weren't...
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