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  1. You know, most of the automotive scams run around $3k, no matter the vehicle
  2. eBay is pretty fishy about the compatibility, they try telling me my AC Delco air cleaner isn't compatible when it is
  3. I swear this happens to our trucks more than most. In fact, I think I read that the Chevy Silverado is one of the top stolen vehicles on the list, and I'm sure our SS' stand out. I worry about mine here in Cali.
  4. I bet it feels great having her back!
  5. Look at it this way, it can't hurt!
  6. Yeah, the seats are pleather... crap! They are really comfortable, but when I get some other things done I will definitely be getting them rewrapped in actually leather
  7. Thats awesome man! Mine is a 4-speed too, Muncie M-22
  8. I would personally wait if your oil looks that clean. I mean, it never hurts to change it, but synthetic oil lasts about 10,000 miles as opposed to regular lasting about 3-5k.
  9. Possibly. Whoever owned it is probably a collector and is parting with it.
  10. Holy smokes... I really wish I had that kind of dough
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