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  1. Anybody organizing anything near the upstate of SC??? I bought my '03 SSS in October 2014 as a birthday gift to myself. (yes I splurged) I love the truck. I would like to me other owners. Let me know. Thanks , Tim Wilson
  2. Looks good !! How did the drop effect the front cv shafts. My control arms and cv shafts are pretty level. I was wondering if the drop changes the angle of the shafts from the diff to the wheels that much? Can you post some pics of the suspension parts in place? I would like to lower mine 2/3. Thanks for the info.
  3. Easley, S.C. 2003 Silverado SS - 6.0 AWD , Headers, exhaust, no cats, no rear O2's, mild tune, 4.10 gears. Black, tinted windows. Saving up for spray liner, pulleys, cold air intake, and maybe a better tune.
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