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  1. FF_Chevy


    Sorry to be "that guy"... but that does appear to be an 06-07(classic). They did make a few SS trucks with the Classic body style for 07. I have personally only seen them in black.
  2. Been too busy working and living life to wash mine for a month! I usually wash it at least once a week. Finally found the time yesterday and damn she looks good!
  3. Of course this is in Clarksville, TN... Nothing good ever comes out of there.
  4. I've looked through this sub forum all the way back to 2012 after joining this year... There is not a better looking SSS engine bay. Top notch!
  5. Love it man. I plan on a 2-3 drop w/22" chrome reps on my VR SS so I'm glad to see a sneak preview of what mine will look like!
  6. I'm looking for a flawless OEM red rear bumper cover. I used to have one.... Shit happens I guess.
  7. Ha... If I find a Gaylord speedster I'm keeping it. It was a good deal on the truck. Even if it's been poorly taken care of, It's nothing that can't be fixed.
  8. Will someone please buy this to part out and sell me the spoiler?!? http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&alt=web&id=261842148155 If I had the cash sitting I would have already bought it.
  9. Did you ever remove the corsa? If so do you want to sell it?
  10. I may be bring up an old thread... But the funniest thing about this is that I had a Civic Si in high school and now I drive a SSS lol
  11. Love the truck.. I just bought my red 06 and will be using your engine bay for some inspiration. I may not go as far as long as its my DD but hiding the wires will definitely be on that list if I ever replace the intake!
  12. Sorry boss I've already sold them
  13. Have you had the battery or alternator checked?
  14. New SS owner here heading to Nashville Cars n' Coffee this coming Saturday April 4th. It would be awesome to see other SS owners there! It starts at 8am in the movie theater parking lot in Franklin, see you there!,
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