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  1. Anybody got a part number for an abs control module for a 2wd 06 SS
  2. Idk man all I can go off is what was stamped on the gears and counting the gears 41/9=4.55
  3. Here is a pic of the steering wheel and I also had l.e.d's put in last night
  4. It wasn't stamped on the housing it was stamped on the ring gear that's what the picture is of It really doesn't do to bad by the mpg computer on the dash it did 16-17 to okc and back Never said it came with it, when I pulled the cover I was pretty sure it had been into before. I just knew when I got on the highway the rpms were a lot higher then the other 99-06 trucks Id had previously so I just pulled the cover and changed the oil figured it couldn't hurt. And counted the gears and checked the stamping on the ring gear
  5. Thanks man I went ahead and pulled the diff cover off today and serviced it and it actually has 4.56's!!! ...
  6. Just found out truck has 4.56's on the hwy it cruises at around 2500rpms at 70/75. I'm about to move to Texas. Do yall think it'd be ok to drive or should i tow it?
  7. Found out truck has 4.56's today!!!!!!! Wow

  8. Does anybody else have one on theirs? When I got the truck the remote start worked, but in the last week I've tried it but it won't work Im not sure if I some how put it in valet mode or? It's almost due for an oil change but wouldn't think that would have anything to do with it.
  9. Ya haven't seen many myself but they do exist
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