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  1. Only put 5k miles on it in about 1 1/2 years. Used to pull a boat in the weekends. This is a second owner car and garage kept .....you could tell. Under carriage looks fantastic. Brute Force CAI, New Dual Magnaflows with Side exhaust, 160 tsat, and Wheatley tune. AWD. Interior is also very nice with no tears. Tires have and wheels have 5k on them. New Dee Zee Pad in the bed. Bed has minimal scratches. Please 3056070713. Located in Knoxville, TN
  2. I believe the power coated factory steelies were done by grabbing a pair of regular ones and powerder coating them. They were a great find on EBAY. They have the GMC logo embossed on the center cap, and I put the SS sticker also from ebay on it.
  3. I thought my wheels were 17's...They are factory steel powder coated
  4. Nothing Fancy...Just Want More Brake Bite.... Tell Me What You think about these or recommend one please.... http://www.google.com/aclk?sa=l&ai=CoqeseEh0VcaqLtatfIXWgpgBntzZgQj2ooLVvQGW-7XBlwIICRAKIN7Nzx4oFGDJ1pWI8KPsEpABDaABkrG-_wPIAQeqBCVP0D3M00tXfosslj0pzmbPKGs1lcyo2I11RwuQIZ8UOJkAlBJ2wAUFoAYmgAfWzkGQBwOoB6a-G6gHk8IbqAeUwhvYBwHgEtSr97zBvZr9tQE&sig=AOD64_18m_RvE5gJ4L3ZkxUkViyW10u2ZQ&adurl=http://www.summitracing.com/parts/ssb-a126-40r%3Fseid%3Dsrese1&ctype=5&clui=34&rct=j&frm=1&q=&ved=0CEoQpys4eA&ei=eEh0VZXGLMXSgwSt6IDgCw OR https://www
  5. Had to replace rear Caliper. No longer Red. What can I do to match the other three. Don't know what size it is....anything universal fit I could do.
  6. Ended up getting a new caliper...can risk with the amount of towing I do....thanks
  7. Looks like left rear caliper is sticking when it get got
  8. I was towing my boat downhill....not an extremely steep grade but it was downhill. I could say I was riding the brakes without noticing. This happens from time to time. When I pulled over it seems like my brake pedal went further down to the floor, but everything returned to normal. I have not lost any break fluid.
  9. Would ever powder coat the wheels...BLACK...stealth
  10. I love it!!! Maybe sidewall a little bigger
  11. It seems like these two door race trucks never make it to production
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