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  1. I just searched the forum and found two numbers for zippy ill try them this week and see if i can reach him, the post was back in 2013 hopfully the numbers are still the same. thanks
  2. Thanks alot, how do i go about getting in touch with Zippy, is he on the forum or have on online store? or if you have a phone number thata work too. thanks
  3. Hey guys, im new to the forum and forgive me if im not in the write section etc. I recently bought a one owner 05 silverado ss awd with 80k miles its a super clean garaged kept truck. Its all stock from what i can tell though havent had it long and had time to really check it out, its got good power although enough is never enough so i would like to play around with a tune and maybe intake and exhaust. i drive this truck everyday and pull a boat every once and awhile in the summer months so i cant get to wild as for as cam, stall, and such. But would like some advice on a good tuner and intake and exhaust gains, like is exhaust worth the gain, i like the way my stock muffler sounds and dont want it to loud as i drive it a good bit. Ive had rides to loud and its cool for a couple weeks then u wish it wasnt so loud. i cant find an awd dyno to really do some good tuning, Any advice would be appreciated.
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