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  1. Good thoughts on using premium instead of regular unleaded. I've been using premium as well as I feel a good difference in power.
  2. You mean 20" rims? I remember one client at the shop who had his new shocks and Toyo tires installed got 20" wheels I believe from KMC wheels.
  3. Definitely think twice about stuff on eBay, especially if there are no reviews or the price is too good to be true. Full of Chinese knock off everywhere.
  4. Congrats on new SS. What mods have you done so far?
  5. Howdy! Any update on the source of squeak?
  6. That sounds twice the fun. Welcome aboard.
  7. Good move getting them from GM Parts, previous neighbor got headlight replacement from them and its a perfect fit.
  8. Having those cut-outs probably have some stuffs on it already. Post up an update what you found out.
  9. Sweet lowered man. Bumping for better pics.
  10. You got the fastest color. Too bad about the deer accident but glad its in full shape now.
  11. Just spend some time with the information around with regards to the year/engine you are getting. Welcome and have fun with the hunt
  12. Does your guy able to make some? Bumping for pics of his works.
  13. Curious with how it came up with no motor. More likely its a swap for older trucks.
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