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  1. Seems like there's some kind of engine braking thing. I really noticed it when towing a car trailer. Going 65mph, I start going downhill and the engine needs less throttle to maintain the 65mph until my foot is completely off the pedal. I expected it to speed up but after a few seconds something kicks in and it'll stay at 65, even on steep grades where I would normally downshift in my other car. The rpms stay the same and the trans isn't downshifting. Lightly pushing the gas pedal disables it and it'll start coasting faster and faster. My question is, what is it, how does it work and can I control it?
  2. Thanks. I was thinking the same thing. No bags, everything looks original, but the shackles look way shorter than the 1"-2" lowering shackles and there's a block between the axle and spring but it doesn't look aftermarket. I'd like to lower the front an inch or two and lower the rear enough to make it level.
  3. Hi, Im from the south bay area. Just bought a 2006 ecsb 2wd black Sierra V-Max. It's a little rough and has 188k miles but it runs good. This forum has given me a lot of info. I'm glad I did my homework before buying. Especially the RPO codes. It's a NHT which has the 4.10's and 4L70E. I plan to get headers, cam, head work and a tune. I live in Ca so I need to be able to pass smog. Probably some better rims and tires.
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